Article By Devika Kapadia
Devika Kapadia
Devika Kapadia

If you wish to study to any university abroad, One windows overseas is the company to go to. Everyone there is very helpful and have a great sense of understanding of one’s individuality. From the day you think of going to a certain university to actually getting into the university and even a few days after that, they are always there to answer your questions and help you out with anything you want. They even prepare you for the visa process.  One of the good things about them is also that so many students have already gone through them that you can get in touch with someone who is already admitted in the university you want to go to. And that’s what happened with me. They got the two of us in touch and that gave me a much clearer idea and boosted my confidence to go to another country all by myself and excel.

Is there anywhere better to be than Los Angeles to study filmmaking? I think I would say that going to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) was the best decision I have made and it was the best experience of my life so far. I think everyone deserves and opportunity to and should go to another country to study. That feeling after you overcome all the difficulties you face when you get out of your comfort zone is the biggest achievement. I learnt to create a balance of everything in my life. Managing work, expenses, studying and doing the things I like, like traveling around the country or even attending shows and conferences is what living on my own has taught me. The best part about studying there was the exposure you get from the professors who are still working in the industry and know whats happening in the present world. That helped a lot with understanding how the industry works and where it is heading towards. Specialising in cinematography gave me a thorough understanding of the principles of cinematography, camera techniques and to be confident in putting forward the aesthetic and creative view point that were once only in my head.

Apart from the classrooms and the technicalities of the subject, meeting people and being able to blend in with all the differences each one has was a bigger learning. I was the only Indian and the only girl in most of my classes and yet there was no discrimination or inequality I faced, instead even being a girl I was expected to do all the heavy lifting by being in all departments like the grip or the electric department too. I also learnt so much about the different countries al over the world and how different it is to just read about them and actually hear stories from people who have lived there. It was the best roller coaster ride I have been on with the perfect blend of adjusting, learning, networking, adventures and becoming a way more confident person.

— Devika Kapadia

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