Todays educational system need to be changed : Mohammed Yasin
Mohammed Yasin
Mohammed Yasin

The quality of education now a days are going down. People are learning a lot but the standard of education goes low. The employment opportunities are going down. If we look in to the reasons the actual fact is that there is a huge gap between the expectations or requirement from the companies and what we are practising. I too agree that things can’t be changed with in a day. The solution is bit complicated for this problem. The fact that syllabus is framed based on the academic aspect not on the industry aspect is a true fact. AS per the requirement this need to be changed. Practical demonstrations and guiding them with real scenarios are what required. A student going to passed out from institutions are driven towards getting placed in some company’s rather than start a business. He is moulded in such a way.

Take the present condition we say these many colleges are there, we frame high class syllabus and so on we keep claiming. But, look in to the fact where our society is moving, human harassment, difference among genders are still there in picture. I strongly believe proper education can break those societal factors.

Todays educational system need to be changed. My perception is all the placement departments need to be shuttered off right from top ranking institutions to new ones. The focus of managements should be purely on imparting knowledge that should built confidence in any person. With that as a base every student should come out travel in to the society search for a job using what you learned. This will help to bridge the gap between them and the society. The placements are good but the impact for the society need to be checked. The person getting placement never had a chance to know the situation of the poor one in the society and he struggles a lot once if the company kicks him out of the organisations.

Considering the above views my recommendation is focus on knowledge improvement, build confidence in them, give them more practical exposure which is more than enough for educational institutions. Placements are the term which converts the service sector in to a looting sector.  Let us stand together in building a better confident nation where equalities among humans stands first. For this to occur every student should come out of the institution without job. Explore through the society so that one understands what the society expects.

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