Arvind’s Freedom Traders: Enhancing Independent Trading Proficiency
Arvind’s Freedom Traders
Arvind Motha, Founder, Arvind's Freedom Traders

Stock Market being an ever-evolving industry, it is important to always stay updated with latest developments in global markets, economy, and technical know-hows. There has been a lot of influence from technological advancement in stock market space which has resulted in evolution of algorithmic trading or robotic trading. Any software is tuned to automatically identify trading opportunities and execute orders without any manual intervention. But for beginners or relatively new entrants, it is complicated to understand and implement.

The software may also be highly expensive to acquire and might need professional approach to execute. So, the best way is to understand concepts and strategies and take informed decisions without depending on any software.

It is simple and cost effective. Working with this similar ideology, Arvind’s Freedom Traders is an ISO 9001:2015 certified entity for Quality Management System (Certificate No. QMS/012300/0919). It was founded in March, 2019 and registered as a sole proprietorship entity based out of Chennai.

Arvind Motha, Founder of the firm, is a Stock Market Technical Analyst with a Masters degree in Finance. He has more than 12 years of experience in trading in the market and he specializes in different asset classes including Equity, Derivatives and Commodities.

Arvind has more than 15 years of total work experience and has been associated with various projects involving Capital Markets, Investing Banking, Risk Management and IT. He has collaborated with clients like Morgan Stanley, Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank.

A Freedom Story

Arvind is on a mission to train people for trading independently in Stock Market using simple and easy methods and help investors to take informed decisions and have better control over their financial decisions. He is keen on training beginners who enter the market and are dependent on financial advisors, fund managers or else they fall prey to unsolicited calls or tips in social media which can be misleading.

Freedom Traders’ core vision is to help traders acquire knowledge in technical skills and trade independently. Freedom Traders’ USP is to analyse charts and identify trading opportunities without using any advanced software or stock screeners.

Trading methodology is very simple which even a layman can understand and apply. From business front end to operations and marketing, everything is handled by Arvind. He trains clients first-hand to ensure they get the best of knowledge directly from him instead of hiring other trading experts.

Being a sole proprietor entity, all business activities and management functions are handled by Arvind. “There is no team working with me as of now,” he says. Being a digital training institute catering to clients across India, the courses are online-based through recorded videos which are designed for clients’ self-paced learning.

Clients can learn from anywhere and at their own pace without attending seminars or workshops. The courses include contents from basics of Stock Market to advanced Technical Analysis, Futures and Optional trading strategies which can be mastered even by a complete beginner. Clients get lifetime membership access to portal for all learning material which includes more than 100 videos with 12 hours of content.

Arvind’s Training Content comprises of:

  1. Freedom Traders Blueprint – To learn basics for beginners
  2. Freedom Traders Formula – To master price action and identify trading zones through support and resistance levels
  3. F&O Mastery – Learn about trading in Futures and Options
  4. Inner Circle Vault – Recordings archive of meetings with inner circle members
  5. Freedom Business Blueprint – How to start an online business working from home

The Freedom Community

Freedom Traders’ community members gather online for discussions on a regular basis where they stay updated with latest trading strategies and to clarify their doubts with the mentor. The sessions are conducted live and the recordings are also shared with the group members through the membership hub for a lifetime access. “We discuss on how they can improve their results and help to rectify their mistakes,” shares Arvind. Being a community-based membership, clients can also help each other wherever required.

While it is good to learn trading strategies, it is also important to learn how to implement practically to get results by controlling emotions and having the right mindset. To help clients achieve this, Arvind provides support and guidance during live market hours to help them apply the learnings and identify trading opportunities which will help them to fast track results. This also helps clients in understanding and taking the right trade decisions.

It becomes a crucial step in recovering their investment in a short span of time to give them confidence that they can achieve profits on their own. This live market support is provided for initial 2 months which is included in the package. Arvind is also available for direct contact anytime to help clients to clarify their doubts and point them at the right direction.

There are plans to expand the company by hiring trading experts and managers headed by himself to provide better service and experience for clients. And once current situation improves, am also planning to conduct offline seminars across India to help clients get first-hand, practical learning experience. Especially when the world economy is affected by Covid-19, Freedom Traders provides a great platform for traders to handle financial crunches if any, due to job loss/salary cuts etc.

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