Booming Bulls: An Icon of Excellence in Stock Market Education
Booming Bulls
Anish Singh Thakur, CEO and Trainer of Booming Bulls

American author and financial advisor, Susan Orman rightfully said “A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.” The ‘what-ifs’ Ms. Orman speaks about are the various regrets in life one has that arises due to financial instability.

Unfortunately, attaining both personal and business financial stability is not something taught in schools and colleges. Thus, the lack of basic financial education leaves many young adults clueless about how to manage their money, apply for credit, and to invest their money in any profitable sources like stock. Addressing this lack of financial education is the Booming Bulls, which specializes in providing the right education through simplifying all the aspects of trading.

An Overview of Booming Bulls

Booming Bulls is an initiative to simplify the trading techniques that are not only used in stock markets around the world but also Forex, Commodities & Cryptocurrency market. Trading can be highly complex and almost impossible for a retail investor to make consistent profits but the institute’s approach is to go systematic & use a step by step approach which makes Booming Bulls academy stand apart from its competitors.

The institute provides not only training but a proper trading system that includes a community on Facebook, Telegram & WhatsApp with unique services. Booming Bulls is the only institute taking students from Ground Zero to Advanced level with our Elite Trading Program.

Enablers of Inclusive Learning Platform

For any educational institution to deliver the most advanced quality of learning, it requires a firm belief in the value that it delivers, and Booming Bulls is one such institution which comprehends that and ceaselessly strives to retain the value; offering comprehensive stock market training.

Aiding the institute to retain this value and continuously work towards achieving success is Anish Singh Thakur, CEO and Trainer of Booming Bulls.  He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of the Training Industry and three years of experience in the stock market, trained more than 10,000 people, Conducted more than 500 seminars and workshops.

Aiding Mr. Thakur in his quest is Abhirup Sekhri and Saurabh Khaspuri. Mr. Sekhri is the COO of the institute. He handles the Sales, Business Operations & Legal matters of the company. He coordinates with the team and ensures the smooth functioning of all the important verticals.

Mr. Khaspuri is CMO of Booming Bulls wherein he handles the complete marketing for the company. He formulates the Strategy & Execution behind every step needed to bring the right Audience, for the Academy to complete the Mission.

Breaking Down Lesson Plan

People mostly think that the stock market is very complicated however; Booming Bulls simplifies trading which is the most important aspect of the stock market.  The institute ensures that all its students learn the stock market in the most simplified manner. The institute uses a systematic approach to make the stock market very easy for the students and follows a ‘learn by practice’ strategy.

It helps students in booking profits consistently, rather than jumping for big profits and huge losses. Booming Bulls has created a system where every trainee needs to send the details of their trades every day and also have to create and follow a trading plan.

The institute has a community where every student shares their homework of stock selection; all the traders communicate & share their learning for consistent growth. It also ensures that its trainees follow the right system while taking the trades. The trainers give students strict guidelines on Risk Management & Position Sizing. Moreover, the institute also has a dedicated client manager who helps all the trainees and answers to all their queries.

Furthermore, once students complete their course, the institute makes sure that they trade regularly which helps them in making their secondary income.  The institute also conducts One-on-One sessions once a student creates their trading plan.

Technology At Play

We have established how Booming Bulls’ vision is to democratize wealth creation and making everyone financially independent speaks. Hence, to continue to do so it stays updated with the recent trends and innovations. The institute believes that gone are the days when one used to see the TV screens to decide, which stock needs to be taken and which not.  Today, the stock market world is very responsive and changing fast.

Hence, the institute believes that the best way to stay in the game in this innovative world is to keep themselves updated with new technical studies & follow price action. Thus, it trains its students on the technical analysis, through which they learn how to use technology when entering and exiting from the stock market. The institute also familiarizes them with having the right psychology and Risk Management.

Booming Bulls will continue its foray by having by expanding its online community and focusing on using more of technology. It will also continue to offer courses related to Forex markets, Risk Management, Market Psychology post-COVID, considering how online education is becoming mainstream.

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