Asian Business School: Ensuring Career Growth through Education and Innovation
Asian Business School

In order to be recognized as ‘College of the Year’, any institution has to deliver its very best in terms of educational facilities, extra-curricular endeavours, career developmental initiatives, and so on. A college worthy of this moniker is the one that pushes every boundary and delivers learning experiences to the students. These colleges take every step possible to unleash the hidden potential of every student.

A leading college dedicated to creating future leaders is Asian Business School (ABS). It is an innovative centre of academic excellence approved by AICTE and is one of India’s top colleges for PGDM/MBA. The flagship PGDM program offered at ABS is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and granted equivalence to the MBA Degree of Indian University by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). Team ABS believes that education and training are vital inputs for human resource development, which is essential for the economic wellbeing and growth of the nation.

The college was established to prepare the youth for gaining the advantage of the plethora of opportunities on account of the ongoing economic reforms that have radically changed the complexion of business worldwide. ABS has an international tie-up with Oxford Business College, UK, a renowned higher learning institution that provides globally recognized management education to students worldwide.

ABS focuses on enhancing the capability of the students to lead and manage businesses by learning to adopt a systematic approach by identifying the problems and finding their solutions using analytical, problem solving, and decision-making skills, and understanding financial and accounting aspects of business in a logical manner. These have gone a long way in developing ABS into a premier MBA college in India.

Emphasis on Delivering Excellent Learning Outcomes

ABS offers the students an exemplary PGDM program, which nurtures their core skills and ensures their curricular development. The program aims to fulfill the following Program Educational Objectives:

PEO 1: Provide students with attitude and aptitude to identify, analyze and develop business opportunities as well as solve business-related problems.

 PEO 2: Develop the ability in students for strategic planning, leadership, and team-building across borders.

 PEO 3: Instil and hone the skills of students by efficient transfer of knowledge for developing them into competent management professionals through applications of the acquired knowledge and skills, and to develop their written and oral communication competencies to enhance managerial effectiveness.

The PGDM program has the following intended Program Outcomes that are duly aligned with the Program Educational Objectives as listed above:

PO1: Business Environment and Domain Knowledge Students will be able to identify and analyze economic, socio-cultural, political, and legal factors present in the national and global business environment that influence the conduct of business and gain knowledge of various domains relevant to the field of business. This helps in understanding the functioning of the business world while identifying potential business opportunities at the same time.

PO2: Skill Development and Pragmatic Approach for Innovative Solutions Students will be able to apply the concepts, tools, and techniques learnt during the program in practical business situations for devising optimal and innovative solutions to various problems.

PO3: Critical Thinking, Business Analysis and Problem


Students will develop competencies in quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques along with the ability to think and critically analyze and apply the conclusions of the rational decision-making process to problem-solving in functional areas like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Business Strategy, and so on.

Leadership’s Mettle

ABS marches ahead confidently under the astute stewardship of renowned personalities such as Dr. Sandeep Marwah – Chairman, Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava – Director, Mr. Saurabh Sharma – Director, and Mr. Gurdeep Singh Raina – Director.

Dr. Sandeep believes that education in business management is not just about management, but it is also about how management can improve the other disciplines and functions of which business is comprised of. He also believes in adapting to the western education model to suit the socio-economic conditions prevailing in this part of the world.

Dr. Srivastava has always extended support to the nation’s youth with a customized effort to nurture the abilities to the competence levels and build a solid skillful, and talented nation to bridge the gaps between the Indian and global markets.

Mr. Saurabh firmly believes that an educational institution needs to provide a blend of academic, corporate, and extracurricular activities to students to transform them into well-groomed professionals. He has been the brainchild behind evolving a rigorous curriculum as per the industry norms, following an innovative pedagogy by the academic wing thereby making it easy for students to learn through practical application-based activities.

Mr. Gurdeep has been involved in overseeing the organization’s overall operations and providing strategic leadership. He has been instrumental in developing and implementing strategic plans and company policies, maintaining an open dialogue with the stakeholders, thereby driving the much sought-after organizational success.

Exploring the Extra-Curricular

The college not only focuses on delivering excellent educational facilities. It also emphasizes the development of the students beyond traditional teachings.

The Research and Development Cell (RDC) organises various seminars, conferences, student development programs on various critical issues pertaining to the industry and academia.

The Entrepreneurship Development & Incubation Centre (EDIC) organizes a lot of entrepreneurship events regularly. The idea is to foster the idea of taking entrepreneurship as a career among the students.

The Young Asian Entrepreneurial Challenge is an annual event hosted by EDIC for students who have been accepted at ABS but have not yet begun their academic journey. The prize for the winner of the Challenge happens to be an Apple Macbook, Trophy, Certificate, and a Coverage in Radio Noida that serves as an added incentive for the students’ efforts.

The icing on the cake happens to be the seed funding of Rs. 5 lakhs that is handed over to the student who comes up with the best Business Proposal in the Annual Business Plan Competition, Road Not Taken.

Athleema, Utsav, CSR, Mark-Techos, SEED, Bulls & Bears, Synergize, Gnosis, and Prakriti are the student clubs at ABS that organises various activities at national and international level. These activities are coordinated by the student members themselves that comprise of Club President, Club Secretary and the Executive members.

Career Development Initiatives

The prime focus of ABS is to ensure that every student graduates with flying colors and build a successful career in the field of their choice. It carries several initiatives to ensure that the students excel as trained professionals.

The college has a Centre for Skill Development (CSD). It is an in-house Center for Skill Development and has been set up to cater to the captive demands of the corporate in sync with the mindset of ABS that the personality development of students is an integral part of the holistic education.

In order to increase the relevance with the future employment market, including promotion of selfemployment, a two-pronged initiative- development of Soft Skills and Employability Skills has been made an integral part of Skill Development under CSD.

Under the CSD umbrella at ABS, a thriving and impactful mentoring program, “Crafting Prodigy” is in place, where customized attention is the focus. Every student is assigned a ‘Crafter’ who provides personalized attention towards identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and focuses on building their capabilities and skills needed to succeed in a dynamic global economy.

The Corporate Resource Cell aids in organizing industrial visits, research projects, and summer training, conducts Skill Development Programs, and organizes the LEAD series of lectures for the students.

Stepping Towards the Future

The management of ABS strongly believes that a blend of relevant knowledge, skill, and the right attitude is essential for students’ overall development, which determines their growth and success in the corporate world.

Marching ahead, it intends to establish itself as one of the best management colleges in India. Aligning with its vision, it believes that this is just the beginning of its progression in the direction of ‘Growth with Education’. The college is sure that it will grow swiftly and achieve the benchmarks of excellence.

ABS focuses on becoming one of the top educational institutions that focus extensively on entrepreneurial activities. It intends to contribute to society by converting students into entrepreneurs. “This shall help our nation develop as well,” expresses the management. Furthermore, the college aims to focus on customisation and mentoring, wherein the students would be guided on almost all the parameters they can think about.

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