Army College of Medical Sciences: Nurturing the Future Leaders of Medical Industry 

Human life was fleeting before the invention of modern medicines. Unseen risks in the form of diseases and medical disorders abound in the environment. Then medical practice evolved into a well-organized profession, and people’s quality of life improved dramatically. Today, medical technology has advanced to inconceivable heights thanks to modern scientific innovation.

This advancement in medical science also improved the average life span of humans. Despite all these technological advancements, the importance of doctors in the society has not reduced; rather, they remain the most respected professionals in the society. With growing population, the demand for doctors is also increasing. Hence to fulfil this demand, many aspirants are trying to enter this humanitarian profession.

For those aspirants, learning through the Army College of Medical Sciences (ACMS) is the most honourable way to become a part of the society, and to serve it. With the aim of nurturing future doctors, ACMS strives to provide quality education for students.

The Army College of Medical Sciences (ACMS) was founded in 2008 by the Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) with an aim to provide quality medical education. The college was exclusively built for families of current and ex-army personnel. As a premier medical college, ACMS provides an MBBS degree, recognized by the Medical Council of India (re-designated as National Medical Commission (NMC) and affiliated with the Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University.

ACMS has a digitally connected campus spread over 25 acres in southwest Delhi. The state-of-the-art campus has four lecture halls, seven seminar rooms, 18 labs, and 23 classrooms. The teaching methodologies are built around modern e-learning modules, with the latest scientific medical literature available to students and parents via mobile apps.

On a Mission of Turning Doctors into Leaders

ACMS is committed to a trifold mission of seeking and imparting knowledge, building an ethos of compassion among students, and preparing students for a glorious career with the spirit to serve the nation. The college is proud of its world-class educators who reflect the same values and inspire students to become well-rounded medical professionals. ACMS endeavours to build future leaders in medicine, education, research, and clinical care.

ACMS’ students, trainees, faculty, staff, and administrators are the foundation and drivers of its excellence. The college combines advances in teaching strategies and medical technology to fulfil its mission to turn future doctors into leaders. Its state-of-the-art facilities make it possible for aspiring doctors to choose a speciality based on their talent and inclinations to better serve the society.

The staff at ACMS is focused on providing a skill-based course, with an emphasis on clinical exposure from the first year itself, establishing a solid foundation for the students. Teachers are dedicated to deliver the promise to immerse students in real-life clinical scenarios to help them cultivate a lasting competitive advantage.

The aim is to promote personal and professional development whilst adhering to the core commitment to reshape the medical curriculum to solve the challenges in the healthcare industry. The college strives to provide an education that amalgamates clinical-based skills with an emphasis on patient-centred care.

Moulding the Aspiring Learners

Army College of Medical Sciences endeavours to cultivate an environment that produces graduates of medicine who are effective community leaders in healthcare delivery. The college helps students stay updated with current global and national health challenges. The graduates are well-equipped to respond to outbreaks and provide comprehensive (preventive, promotive, and curative) healthcare.

With extensive support from the faculty and mentors, students are given an unprecedented opportunity to gain practical knowledge from an early stage in their training, further preparing them to become qualified health care professionals. To achieve the highest aspirations and ensure the success of all members of its community, team ACMS values and promotes common ideals that are centred around collaboration and service; integrity and accountability; and wellness and balance.

In addition to academic learning, the curriculum is paced around to help students develop their extra-curricular talents. The student-run body at ACMS organizes multiple sports competitions, debates, cultural events, and more, whilst the faculty inspires maximum participation for their holistic development. The ultra-modern sports facilities help facilitate a culture of mental and physical well-being. ACMS students regularly organize and participate in intra-college tournaments keeping the competitive spirit alive.

The Veteran Leader

Major General Surender Mohan, VSM (Retd), Dean ACMS is a renowned Gynaecologist with more than three decades of experience in the Armed Medical Corps. He has tremendous experience in the clinical and surgical management of patients of the entire spectrum of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, including Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery.

During his administrative responsibilities, he commanded the 500-bedded Military Hospital in Dehradun and served as Dy Commandant at Army Medical Corps Centre & College Lucknow. He was also awarded Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM) in 2015 for his exceptionally meritorious service.

Collecting the Golden Feathers

ACMS students have displayed excellent results vis-à-vis other medical colleges of GGSIP University.

In 2021, India Today ranked ACMS 4th in the Top 10 Emerging Colleges and 5th in the Top 10 Private Colleges.

Braving the Pandemic

Whilst the pandemic has upended traditional classroom learning, a new blended form of online and offline learning has reshaped the medical education system. An industry benchmarked online program was developed for remote learning, and the final year students and interns were deployed for COVID-19 duty in Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt. The success of this online learning would have to be attributed to the dedicated faculty of ACMS, who ensured students were kept engaged whilst they adapted to the new way of teaching.

Envisaging a Better Future

ACMS staff starts by fostering a culture of support for the creative minds in the community and giving them the tools to thrive. They train the future doctors through a portfolio of opportunities to stay attuned to the latest trends and technology impacting healthcare in the country. The staff strongly believes in preparing the students for a work-like environment from year one, day one.

The plan of action is envisaged to help students become more self-aware, overcome alienation and issues of mistrust. Moreover, ACMS aims to provide additional elective options to help students identify their areas of interest. The college will continue to emphasize small group teaching methods, extra-curricular activities, and research and innovation since it is integral to the students’ learning experience.


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