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The highly competitive world has forced businesses to adapt, innovate fast, disrupt, and embrace the new innovations. As a result, the fundamental rules of business and foundations of management are getting redefined. The sheer pace, magnitude, and omnipresence of transformation has heralded a new dynamic, where the one to adapt constantly and innovate with speed will lead. To bring this agility and to stay ahead in this race, employers are seeking skilled professionals who demonstrate a cross-disciplinary knowledge of all domain (in business), complemented with the ability to learn quickly. Meeting this increasing demand, the Atton Institute Dubai has excelled in turning out exceptional graduates, who are being prepared for the future. Acting as a valuable asset, these skilled and efficient experts help in bringing agility and improve proficiency at all levels of the company.

Unprecedented Service and Solemn Undertaking

This advanced center of education and expertise offers an extensive range of courses of different level in all the core segments of professional education. Atton Institute is committed to providing its education services to set the finest professional development values and standards at all levels of companies, government entities and non-commercial bodies in the UAE and transnationally.

Staying upgraded in both education and industry trends is one of the peculiarities of this institute. To propel its goal, Atton zealously and continuously works on improving the traditional norms and puts forward a plausible solution. The changes which have taken place in the last decades in business education are profound and significant. The volume of information and its accessibility have drastically increased the competition making the exiting skills become obsolete within a short time. Such a trend requires revisions in approach to business education. AI taking over hard skills and soft skills gaining importance is one of the recognizable trends in business. The importance of personal growth within companies has again stirred the need for soft skills.

The latest studies have stated that there would be a clear shortage of professionals with soft skills in the coming years; thus the businesses are paying great attention at personal development within companies. Taking all of these into consideration, Atton has evolved too. It now provides a great variety of soft skills training that is highly practice-oriented with emphasis on praxis and personal efficiency growth. For those who want to revolutionize their job and business, the institute has outstanding course that gives them an opportunity to be a step ahead of their competitors. Atton’s flexible nature towards offering new courses when required sets it apart from others.

Atton has also adopted a unique way to support students financially. It believes that education should not be limited just because one does not have sufficient finance to support it. In its attempt to aid such students, it asks people to write a letter, addressing them the specialized course they want to enroll, the reason why they choose it and how it will help them to better their professional development. Atton’s team of experts then evaluate this letter and choose the rightful applicant. Atton, by thus, has eliminated all the financial hindrances one faces from to attend a top-level institution.

Outstanding Professional Growth Initiatives

Atton’s range of courses and training covers different level in all the core segments of professional education. These courses are designed in such a manner that both individuals and companies can meet their demand on improving their expertise. Combing traditional education & knowledge in line with the newest trends, Atton has a distinct set of rules and guidelines which are strictly applied within each of our courses and training and seminars. Starting with Management and Leadership; Advanced Communication, Negotiations, and Presentation skills; Customer Experience and Service; Marketing and Sales; Human Recourses, Risk Management, Project Management, Emotional Intelligence and others, Atton offers its aid to all levels. Along with offering industry required courses, it also specializes in offering comprehensive programs. Along with obtaining the best professional skills in one package, it comes with added benefit of saving time. Atton realizes its client’s requirement and offers beneficial rates on these programs, which allow them to complete this program in a short time.

All the courses and training of Atton Institute Dubai are held strictly in conformity with the applicable regulatory framework and licensing regulations of the KHDA Dubai, and other relevant UAE and international regulations for professional education service providers. Each certified course is uniquely designed and accredited as per applicable regulatory bodies such as Project Management Institute (PMI), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and others.

Understanding the requirements of clients and delivering it, is, yet another distinctive feature of Atton Institute Dubai. Delivering various custom-made solutions for corporate clients adjusting the courses subject, coverage and format as per client’s requirements, has helped Atton earn an esteemed reputation. Atton continuously expands its collaboration and strengthens the local and international links with its partners and associates. Epitomizing such efforts is the planned delivery of a series of courses in the partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). ICC is the world’s largest business organization, representing more than 45 million companies in over 100 countries. Such partnerships and collaborations is another mere attempt of Atton to meet its objective of ensuring the sustainability of professional knowledge and skills.

Each Atton graduate is a professional who:

  • Demonstrates an increased level of efficiency
  • Has gained an upper hand in skills which lead to a progressive career
  • Has a solid start. Be it an experienced professional or a graduate who is looking for a great career start, Atton aids everyone and instills efficiency and professionalism which helps them to start afresh.

The corporate clients of Atton achieve:

  • A positive ROI. Atton’s goal is to guarantee that training is not only useful, modern, and up to date, but also is worth its costs and is able to generate positive financial results.
  • Increased level of satisfaction and loyalty of customers. Most of the courses have an important part about customer experience allowing attendees to understand the significance of clients that inevitably will result in higher clients’ satisfaction.
  • Profit Growth Component. Atton delivers qualified and duly trained personnel who at all levels greatly increases performance and revenue which clearly affects the company’s long-term growth perspectives.

Penning down Success Stories

Atton’s efficiency in offering sustainable professional knowledge and skills labeled it as the finest professional training and coaching institute. A good example of its successful undertaking is a tailor-made corporate three day session conducted for sales managers from one of the largest telecom companies in Africa. They were seeking for new strategies and tactics to improve the performance of their sales teams, implement new motivation schemes, and means to enhance channel sales. A month after the completion of this Atton designed course, these managers were able to achieve their desired goal.

Similarly, one of Atton’s participants working in the real estate sector has attended a series of public training courses in order to improve his sales results. Upon completion of his course, he applauded Atton’s distinguishing training as he had received his desired goal too. Similar to aforesaid, Atton’s service has gratified clients not only from the UAE and GCC area but from around the globe.

DU, Arabtec, Three60, Investment Corporation of Dubai, Julphar, Virgin Mobile, Flash, Synergy, Eltizam Group, Vivacell MTS and a number of others fall under the category of satisfied clients. In short, completing Atton’s course means attaining maximum professional and business results in real-time and also being able to implement the attained knowledge in professional life.

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