Auditing AI Capabilities Essential: Parliamentary Secretary Selina Kuruleca
Selina Kuruleca
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According to Selina Kuruleca, the Permanent Secretary for Education in Fiji, the future of education in the country relies on the effective utilization of technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), to optimize learning and ensure equitable access to educational resources. She emphasized this during a meeting with Patricia Scotland, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, ahead of the upcoming World Education Forum.

Kuruleca stated that to harness the full potential of AI in education, it is crucial to conduct an audit of the capabilities of AI and use these technologies responsibly and ethically. She added that Fiji will prioritize understanding, learning, and capacity-building to enhance its education system, which includes training teachers at all levels and fostering collaboration among all stakeholders in the education sector.

The Permanent Secretary expressed her keen interest in the Commonwealth AI Consortium, praising its initiatives to integrate artificial intelligence in education. She believes that by effectively leveraging AI and other technological advancements, Fiji can ensure that its education system remains relevant and accessible to all students, ultimately contributing to the nation’s overall progress and development.

Kuruleca’s remarks highlight the growing recognition of the importance of technology in education and the need for a comprehensive approach to adopt and implement AI and other innovative solutions in a responsible and ethical manner. This aligns with Fiji’s commitment to providing quality education and creating an environment that fosters learning and growth for all students.

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