Auro University School of Law : Training Proficient Legal Experts with an Industry Vantage
Auro University School of Law

As beautifully quoted by Sri Aurobindo – True knowledge is not attained by thinking. It is what you are; it is what you become. At Auro University, they strongly believe in bringing the best in every student, guiding them to be the finest version of themselves in this ever-changing world.

School of Law is the constituent part of Auro University located in Surat – the diamond and textile city of Gujarat. The institute was started in the year 2012 with BBA-LLB program, but has now grown vertically with LLM and PhD programs, as well as horizontally with BA-LLB program.

The school was started with a vision to contribute to the development of a just society. Since its inception, it is working tirelessly preparing outstanding lawyers, researchers and policy makers who are legally trained to serve the local, national and global community with responsibility, integrity, commitment, and professionalism.

A New Perspective on Legal Education

The academic curriculum is designed in a way that it touches the mental, physical, vital and spiritual growth in the lives of the students. Modules like ‘Foundation of Indian Culture’ introduced to the law students not only educate them about the rich cultural heritage of our nation but also throw light on the jurisprudential aspects of the socio-legal issues.

Law has always been a strong force in bringing social transformations, and the same intersection is understood by the students when they go through the subjects like ‘Law and the Social Transformation’ and ‘Law and the making of modern India’. As this is an era of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies, students at the Auro University School of Law enjoy the liberty of choosing the courses like ‘pottery’, ‘chemistry for business’, ‘politics’, ‘web designing’ and many more under the University’s Choice Based Credit System.

As the focus is on developing the critical and usable understanding of the laws, internships at varied legal entities have been made an integral part of the curriculum. Students are trained under the hands of renowned lawyers, law firms, policy-makers, corporate entities during their credit-based internships after every semester.

Industry Immersion

The ‘Industry Immersion’ program is the latest pedagogical innovation introduced in the school making it stand apart from other Institutions. The program is designed to amalgamate the needs of all the four stakeholders of the university – students, faculties, industry and community – to transform the students from learners to leaders. Students of the final semester are provided with the opportunity to work in the Industry under the mentorship of faculties and the industry leaders. It gives the students an opportunity to get on-field experience and ready for the profession even before entering it.

The school is offering the LLM and PhD program through its Center for Post Graduate Legal Studies. The capacity building programs and the training programs organized by the center stimulate the academic environment intellectually and can contribute in the transformation of a student as a global leader in the field of law.

The teaching-learning pedagogy is based on the 20-30-50 principle where only 20% of the teaching is done through instructions in the classroom setting. 30% of the updating of knowledge is done by observations of the relevant legal procedures and rest 50% is the practical application of the content in the situations resembling the real world. Thus, the pedagogy adopted at the School of Law is a blend of classroom lectures, moot courts, case studies, judgment review and analysis, projects, research assignments and field visits. Each course is monitored by a module leader, who provides a teaching plan well in advance, containing course outline, assessment pattern, reference material and other guidelines.

The school carries forward its mission with the help of four fully active clubs namely Auro Litigious Club (ALC), Legal Aid and Community Development (LACD), ‘Jus Gentium’ (Latin: ‘law of nations’) and ‘LawSpective’.

AURO Litigious Club (ALC)

ALC which is the mooting society of the institute is comprised of students and faculty mentors and supported by a Moot Court Hall with the sitting capacity of 200. ALC helps the students in acquiring the lawyering skills and brings forth an opportunity to the students to manifest their oratory, cognitive and research skills. The club has facilitated the planning, organizing and executing Auro National Moot Court Competitions.

Till date, it has organized 7 moot court competitions participated by many institutions of repute. ALC also aims at inculcating an interest in mooting within the university by organizing extensive workshops and demonstrations with experienced professionals from the legal fraternity as well as experienced mooters and litigators from previous batches. It’s the efforts of ALC that the students from School of Law have been adjudged as the winners and best speakers/researchers in various national moot court competitions organized by institutions around the nation.

Legal Aid and Community Development (LACD)

LACD upholds the goal of Justice, Liberty and Equity enshrined in the Constitution by promoting legal aid, legal education, and research. LACD which runs in collaboration with the District Legal Services Authority has a dedicated team of faculties, para-legal volunteers and a team of experts to provide legal awareness as well as pre- and post-litigation services to the community. It has undertaken projects such as Road Safety Campaign, Indian Mediation Drive and Gender Sensitization Project.

Jus Gentium

Jus gentium organize activities that helps the students in maintaining the balance between emotional, intelligence and spiritual quotient through the activities that are not only based on academics but the development of life skills in the students. Auro School of Law runs a newsletter ‘Communique’ managed by jus gentium in which varied aspects of the personalities of the students are manifested.

The school is backed by a dynamic alumni association. Alumni contributed to the development of their alma mater and the students through regular interactions and guidance sessions for career development.

Some testimonials from the alumni of the School of Law can be found below-

“My experience at Auro University has been no less than being home away from home. It has been an immense privilege for me to live in an environment with holistic growth being the epicenter of our BBA-LLB Curriculum. The faculty at Auro University are proficient, dedicated and dynamic in nature, which strengthens the students with the skills to pursue and achieve greater success in life. For me, Auro University has been some of the best moments in life, which not only involved academic development and co- curricular advancements but also focused upon my individuality and opinions.”

  • Advocate Dhwani Vivek Thakkar (Alumni, BBA-LLB 2013-18)

“Auro University has really helped me in developing good understanding of the subject matter, social etiquettes and is helping me to become a responsible citizen. I believe that the School of Law plays a pivotal role in the life of every student. So, for me it is not only for academics but also for my overall development.”

  • Saloni Patel (Alumni, LLM 2018-19)

“From just a principle to the living principle, life at Auro University has evolved with closer understanding of its founding principle i.e. sincerity, humility, gratitude, perseverance, aspiration, receptivity, progress, courage, goodness, generosity, equality and peace. Auro has provided me with vantage of progressive professionals with the best facilities to be proactive rather than reactive in the field of law and it also provided us with the environment of conducive growth. Hence as an ‘Aurorite’, it empowers us with intellectual and spiritual growth too.”

  • Aditya Mistry (Alumni, BBA, LL.B 2015-20)

Living Principles: The 12 Core Values of Auro University

  • Satyam – Sincerity
  • Namas – Humility
  • Kritagyata – Gratitude
  • Dhriti – Perseverance
  • Abhipsa – Aspiration
  • Samjnana – Receptivity
  • Pragati – Progress
  • Viryam – Courage
  • Svasti – Goodness
  • Audarya – Generosity
  • Samata – Equality
  • Shanti – Peace

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