B. K. Birla Institute of Engineering & Technology, Pilani: Honing Students with a Holistic Learning Approach
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Creating a platform for igniting ingenuity and path-breaking engineering applications for the India of future is the primary goal of the institute.

Initiated in the year 2007, the B.K. Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pilani is an AICTE approved institute which has also held affiliations with the Rajasthan Technical University (RTU) from 2007-2017. It is currently affiliated with the Bikaner Technical University (BTU) which it acquired in the year 2018.  The industry-oriented and application-driven institute was established under the Chairmanship of Syt. Basant Kumar Birla, a notable industrialist. It is also known for having alliances with various international universities, industries as well as professional bodies. This has ensured that every student is given the chance of utilizing the best opportunities given to them in terms of education.

The Overview of Amenities

The institute is situated in a sprawling campus of 7 lacs 85 thousand square feet which gives the students ample learning space where they can implement variety of innovative learning styles. It provides them with various facilities such as: spacious and modern classrooms, the laboratories fully equipped with the latest technology, a cultural and creativity center as well as an auditorium.  The institute also has a Professional Training and Research Center, extensive indoor and outdoor sports facilities, as well as a gymnasium that the students can utilize. This variety of resources available in the institute makes the students’ lives within the campus comfortable and convenient.

Workmanship of a Leader

Dr. S. M. Prasanna Kumar the Director is the backbone of the institute and has helped it become an icon of national and international repute. He holds a Ph.D and has gathered over 35 years of strong academic and administrative experience. He believes in having dedicated faculty members who are also highly qualified who can then provide the students with the best of knowledge. He focuses on enhancing student’s capabilities and training them for a bright future. He has been working towards the vision of making sure that BKBIET continues to improve in every possible manner while also enhancing an individual’s experiences.

Academic Choices for the Students

The Institute offers five undergraduate programmes: B. Tech. (Mechanical), B. Tech. (Information Technology), B. Tech. (Computer Science), B. Tech. (Electronics and Communication) and B. Tech. (Electrical).

Mechanical Engineering: Helps students become familiar with the application of techniques of engineering into design, manufacturing and maintenance while also understanding some core concepts such as: Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Mechatronics, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), 3D/4D/5D Printing Technology, Robotics, Simulation tools like- 3D CAD, Solid Works, ANSYS, CATIA etc.

Information Technology: It makes students aware of the various ways computer and telecommunication equipment can be used to store, transmit and retrieve data. The branch broadly deals with: Encompasses Scripts, Communication, Encryption and Decryption of messages, Database Design and Administration, Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things.

Electronics and Communication Engineering: Deals with the broader aspects of engineering such as: digital and analog design, VLSI, Industrial Electronics, Control System, FPGA, IoT, Embedded System design, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Communication, Microwave devices, Plasma Technology, Simulation tools like: Cadence, GHDL, Icarus Verilog, Arduino IDE, Scilab, Xilinx ISE, Quartus, LTspice, etc.

Computer Science & Engineering: This course has its core in bringing in more innovations into technology while also going beyond the fundamentals. This allows the students to build up their interest in the specialized research, their growing ability for better software and hardware production.

Computer Science and engineering focuses on theory, algorithms programming languages, virtualization, visualization, networking, databases, software engineering and quality, design of system and application software, cryptography and architectures. It involves various technology trends which are: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Big Data, Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Robotic Process Automation and Edge Computing.

Electrical Engineering : The course provides students with an understanding in the area of : Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Power System Analysis, Machine Design, Power Electronics, Control System, Renewable Energy Technologies (Focus on Islanded/Grid connected Solar PV System and Wind Power Generation), Smart Grid, Microgrid, Energy Storage, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Network, Artificial Intelligence and various simulation tools.

Professional Training and Research Center of the Institute has advanced Control Panels, Machine Control, Bearing Technologies, Machine design and latest PLC-SCADA Lab.

Extracurricular Initiatives for Overall Development

B.K Birla Institute of Engineering & Technology is an institute that believes in ensuring overall growth of students in every aspect possible, which is why it also encourages them to join the various on-campus clubs. These include the photography club, drama/mime, music and a dance club. The Sarla Birla Cultural and Creative Centre is the provider of these creative activities. It also conducts a range of fests that the students can take part in. Basant is a fest usually conducted in the month of March or April and is conducted as an outlet for creativity. It can be in the fields of technology, sports of other cultural activities. Quasar is the annual technology and sporting event in the months of October or November. There are multiple events with sports like football, kabaddi, volleyball, cricket, tennis, carom and marathon races. Many other technical activities such as radio shows, movie making, poster making and quizzes also hold the students’ interests. These events are popularly known for being a platform for champions who are in pursuit of glory.

Future Career Opportunities

The students of BKBIET have an efficient training and placement cell that constantly works towards building up their employability skills. There are plenty of interactions that are conducted with many leading industry experts and alumni called in to share their tips and tricks of the industry. The training methodology includes presentations, industrial tours, seminars, live projects and engineering chapter activities. Students are also groomed to be the best using aptitude tests, extempore, mock group discussions and personal interviews. The batches of 2019 saw over 67 companies bring job opportunities for them and the students found 154 job offers. The companies that approached them include the Indian Navy, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, TEKsystems, Optimizory Technologies, Avise Solutions Pvt Ltd and Polestar Solutions.

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