Learning through Online Educational Resources by B-School Students
Dr Navneet Gera Associate Professor BVIMR | The Knowledge Review

Accessibility of educational resources has always been seen as an important and integral aspect of B-schools and focused on improving teaching -learning process, thereby ensuring the school’s quality service to society. Resources play an important role in the overall development of the students.  With the advancement of technology, the knowledge centers are shifting from library to virtual world.

Youth is looking forward to updating of knowledge from online resources. Additionally, the regulatory bodies have also given due importance to the MOOC courses (massive online open courses). There are multiple agencies who are offering MOOC courses that include EDX,
Coursera etc. In Indian context, swayam has been able to successfully launch many MOOC courses. MOOC courses are developed by highly experienced faculty from different universities across the globe. Students can download the mobile application of EDX, Coursera or can use the website mode to register for a specific course. Students are keen to learn from technology enabled services and thus the role of online resources has emerged in a big way.

Students are further advised to update from the newspapers (economic times), for which the number of applications are available for mobile. Most of the B-schools provide copy of economic times to the students and is a part of discussion in classroom. Students are further advised to update themselves from the various websites such as WWW.RBI.ORG, WWW.IMF.ORG, WWW.WTO.ORG, WWW.COMMERCE.NIC.IN, WWW.DGFT.GOV.IN etc

It is recognized that effective learning can take place in formal and informal environments through student peer interaction and that learners are encouraged to be contributors rather than just users in teaching and learning approach. Although somewhat inconsistent, student attitudes to sharing material were usually positive in B-Schools.

Figure 1 Online Resources

Students are keen to learn from visualization, simulations and videos (you tube). Multiple options are available for different streams to take the benefit of recorded sessions on youtube.In addition; many e-books are accessible online and on Google books. Many B-Schools also offer e-books after collaboration with renowned publishers. Case studies play an important role for the students of B-School. Case studies enhance the decision making skills and discussion in class room further opens up avenues for unexplored areas. B-Schools provide the sessions on data analytics and training using various software’s such as SPSS (Statistical package for social science), R Analytics, E-views and advanced excel.

In addition, institutes also provide instruction on cyber security, digital marketing, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), with the aim of excelling in the hard competitive setting and achieving better work chances. Online training is training for the next generation. The world is changing, so the management education is moving in the direction of internet mode.

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