B-Schools- the Harbinger of a Novel and Improved World
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Business School is a springboard or upward mobility” 

The quickest pathway towards a rewarding career is going to a college and getting higher education. Whatever mode of education you choose (online, distance or on-campus), the course and the school, one chooses leaves a significant impact on how much weigh the degree carries. If the globally renowned academia is not enough for one to choose the U.S as their study destination, this nation has lot more to offer to the Business graduates. Talking about the world-class education and finest B-schools, according to Financial Times’ Global MBA Ranking of 2017, 51 schools out of top Business schools are American. The numbers of students graduating from Business schools in U.S are increasing every year. Employability and network are the other benefits a business student attains while studying in US. With the largest number of elite B-schools, it shouldn’t surprise one to know that 91% of the recruiters have a US MBA in their radar. The requirement of MBA graduates in industry is increasing at par with the time. Hence, it means that any student passed out of a B-School in US will always find a job. Along with an MBA or business degree from U.S comes the board network of business leaders, industry experts, alumni and others. Also, the peer groups from the school are a source of network for lifetime.

When introduced many of the colleges in US had a common goal like, continued intellectual growth of the students, developing leaders and builders of enterprises. Having evolved over years the B-schools of today are focusing on a boarder goal. Along with nurturing students to be global leaders, these schools are challenging the traditional norms of business, and initiating a bigger change in society. Hence, students who are enthusiast about business and carry forward the bigger goal can fit in the shoes of a modern entrepreneur.

 – Crescent CU

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