BA Honors Versus BA Programme, What is the Right Choice?
BA Honors Versus BA Programme
BA Honors Versus BA Programme

Every year lakhs of undergraduate applicants hassle with the choice between BA honours or a BA programme. It has been observed that the BA programme is generic, and the honours are more rigorous than usual.

Chandrachur Singh, an associate professor of political science at Hindu College, which is affiliated with Delhi University (DU), who has been teaching BA honours and programmes to the students, mentioned the difference between the two, arts programmes are ‘largely structural’.

He shared with the well-known Indian news channel, “The honours programme is more specialized and focused on a specific subject, i.e., BA Honors in History or Political Science, whereas BA Programme is the multidisciplinary one in which there will be either more or two- three general knowledge subjects. The quality of subjects is essentially the same because the teachers who teach both the programmes have come from the same department. The specific department has framed the syllabus and pedagogy for these subjects.”

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