Bachpan Play School: Pioneer of Early-school Education
Bachpan Play School

Early childhood experiences lay the groundwork for a child’s future development, giving them a solid basis for lifelong learning skills, including cognitive and social growth. This value of early childhood education as a crucial foundation for a child’s future success is even emphasised by prominent researchers.

Undoubtedly, early childhood education’s significance for overall development cannot be asserted enough.

Hence, determined to foster excellence and instil principles that ensure children have bright futures through modern pedagogies is Bachpan Play School. Bachpan is the trailblazer of early childhood education in India that provide facilities for the early development of children and introduces them to structured learning in a systematic and innovative way.

Within two decades of its inception, Bachpan Play School has grown over the entire nation, with more than 1100 institutions giving young minds of the country a necessary academic launch.

Bachpan has curated an innovative curriculum for which the concepts are generally based on thematic & activity-based learning for Playgroups, LKG, UKG, and Nursery. Bachpan has always conferred upon its students’ prolific infrastructure and teaching aids. It relies on HD-3D e-learning modules devised by the team after relevant research and observations.

These e-learning modules and tech tools make classes more interactive and happening than ever for children. The global concept-driven activities and curriculum have made Bachpan a nationally recognised play school.

Today, in recognition of its work in the preschool industry and under the leadership of its Co-founder and COO, Mr Tijay Gupta, Bachpan has received more than 50 prestigious honours.

Driving the Significance of Preschool Education

Bachpan Play School was founded in 2004 based on the franchise model. Preschool education had not yet established roots in India, and there was a complete lack of awareness about play-way methods of learning that could help develop a strong foundation for children. A systematic curriculum for preschoolers, age-appropriate learning tools and infrastructure, and a holistic approach to education were still uncharted waters at the time, and during such times use of Bachpan Play School’s technology to provide advanced learning to children was, in fact pioneering. The challenges that the country’s education system dealt with acted as a driving force behind the origin of Bachpan.

India is a country where more than half of the population is aged below 25 years. The power of the youth has not yet been harnessed for the vast growth and development that the country has the potential to achieve. This process has to be started early on when children are still young. Bachpan Play School envisions an empowered country where every child grows up to be an invaluable asset to socio-economic progress. It keeps devising new learning technologies and methods with constant research and development to ensure that the school is closer to its vision every day. Unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and holistic development is the core value at Bachpan.

Ever since Bachpan was established two decades ago, it has strived to move with the times and move way ahead of time. Its Speak-O-Kit, for example, consists of speaking books and pens based on nanotechnology. This learning tool is a favourite at Bachpan and among parents. Bachpan’s use of Virtual Reality (VR) is also ultra-modern. It integrated e-Learning into its teaching-learning methods much before the Covid era, giving the school a stimulus. Then, the school also inculcates logical and problem-solving skills in kids using the primary applications of Robotics during the Robotime sessions. All these are conducive to a fun, interactive, and futuristic learning environment at Bachpan, which helps to ensure optimal outcomes for kids.

Paving the Way amidst Challenges

The biggest challenge that Bachpan Play School faced was that the importance of preschool education was hardly recognised even at the beginning of the twenty-first century. When people were unaware of how vital preschool learning is to the holistic development of children, preschools were regarded as nothing more than day-care centres. However, Bachpan persevered against all odds, and with its tech-driven approach to education, it built credibility and raised awareness quickly. In just three years, it had established more than 100 Bachpan Play Schools across India.

Challenges have been many, but when Bachpan witnessed success in its endeavours to develop every child physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally, and linguistically, and when it sees the satisfaction in the eyes of parents, it serves as a driving force enough behind Bachpan’s unrelenting dedication to the holistic development of children and the service of the nation.

“There is no greater joy than realising that we are shaping the future of an individual and our country. That we do it exceptionally well is our ever-motivating mission and vision,” says Tijay.

Play-way methods of learning are the norm at Bachpan Play School. It conducts many extra-curricular activities that focus on children’s gross and fine motor skills, collaborative attitude, cognitive growth, creative and critical thinking, leadership capabilities, and communication capacities. From time to time, it organises different competitions for its ‘Bachpanites.’ This year, it held the ‘Bachpan Baby Carnival’ at the national level to stimulate the creativity and self-confidence of kids. It also holds regular celebrations on special days and occasions and makes use of puppets and Montessori toys to equip students with 21st-century skills.

Bachpan organises regular trips and excursions for students to acquaint them with the real world in all its complexities and all beauty. Banks, railway stations, zoos, and grocery stores are some places where it takes the Bachpanites for educational purposes. Many extra-curricular activities are also conducted at Bachpan Play School regularly. Students get to avail of Virtual Reality (VR) and concept rooms such as AV Room, Ball Room, Dining Room, Doll Room, Gym Area, Activity Area, and Play Area for holistic growth and development through experiential learning.

Setting Excellence as Benchmark

The flagship brand Bachpan Play School has received many awards over the years. Some of them are as follows:

  • Knowledge Review Magazine – Schools Empowering International Education in India 2022
  • IDA Awards Education 2022 – Torchbearer & Leader with a Heart Early Learning
  • IKA Awards 2022 – Excellence in Activity-Based Learning Programs & Education Infrastructure Indian Education Excellence Awards 2022 – Best Play School Chain
  • National Education Excellence Awards – Play School Chain of the Year 2018-19
  • Edtech Review Awards – Best Play School of the Year 2018
  • Indian Education Excellence Awards – Best K-12 School Chain 2018
  • World Wide Impact Awards – Best School for Innovation and Value-Based Education 2018
  • BW Top Education Awards – Preschool Franchisor of the year 2017
  • Digital Learning Awards – Top Preschool of India 2017

“The world might certainly seem exciting and confusing at the same time to you. There are so many possibilities for you to explore that it may, sometimes overwhelm you. But take one step at a time and then another and then another,” says Tijay as a guidance to the youth.

He adds, “It is important for you to start exploring, and someday soon, you would have explored so much! Learning should be endless, and all these experiences are sure to add to your learning. You just need to develop the right attitude. That’s what Bachpan is for.”

Technology and unconventional teaching methods will rule the day, according to Tijay, so when Bachpan envisions the future of Bachpan Play School, it sees its children equipped with life skills through modern educational tools and technologies at any point in time. Bachpan invests in continuous research and development for this purpose. Furthermore, it sees preschool education changing the face of the country for good.

Tijay ends with, “When childhood is all about holistic development, the country stands to benefit in the long run.”

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