Back Pain – What Are the Reasons You May Have It and How You Can Feel Better
back pain

According to the U.S. Pain Foundation, some 50 million Americans suffer chronic pain. There can be several reasons for back pain, like accidents and injuries, strained muscles, irritated joints, and sprained ligaments.

You can also have back pain due to poor posture, obesity, arthritis, psychological issues, stress, diseases and infections. Chiropractic care is fast becoming popular because of its non-drug and safe approach. They offer a multi-disciplined approach to pain management and relief. You can check out this link to book a free consulation with excellent lower back pain management experts.

Some common causes of back pain and possible solutions:

Spinal Issues

Many spinal problems can result in back pain. For example, you may have herniated discs that pinch or irritate nerves. The cause of herniated discs is usually traumatic injury or spinal disc degeneration. Other possible reasons may be spinal stenosis that compresses nerves and spondylolisthesis that involves vertebra slipping forward or backward. You may also suffer back pain due to wear and tear of the vertebral discs because of osteoarthritis or deformities like kyphosis or scoliosis. While all these are serious issues usually treated by surgery, you may consider chiropractic care in Canton, GA, to alleviate pain.


Injuries arising out of workplace activities or accidents on the sports field may cause chronic back pain. If you lift a heavy object without bending your knees or have a slip-and-fall accident that twists your spine, you are liable to experience severe back pain. Other common causes of back injuries include falls and car crashes that can result in spine fractures, strained muscles and ligaments, nerve compression, torn or dislocated discs, etc. The treatment depends on the nature and severity of the injury, but a chiropractor may be able to help to set right the spinal misalignment due to the accident.

Emotional Stress

Most people may not be aware that if you experience stress, your lower back may hold the tension. According to doctors, stress-related back pain is psychosomatic or psycho-physiological, which means psychological and emotional issues cause physical symptoms. It is not to suggest that the back pain or the symptoms are imaginary. If back pain is due to stress, you need to find ways of reducing it. Exercising, meditation, yoga, physical therapy, psychological pain management, and counseling may provide the solution.

Everyday Habits

You may not think much about your habits, but many of them can cause back pain. For example, carrying a heavy bag can cause a posture imbalance that strains your back. Wearing high heels can disturb the alignment of your spine and posture. Even sitting on your wallet can lead to a loss of balance in your spine and pelvis, causing pain and often arthritis. People who drive more than four hours daily often experience back pain than people who drive less. Similarly, sitting in one position for a long time, lifting heavy weights improperly, slouching, etc., can lead to chronic back pain. You can get relief by avoiding the causes of back pain.


As is evident, you can experience back pain due to many reasons. You must identify the cause of the pain and address it suitably to get enduring relief. If the pain persists, you should consult your doctor to find out if you have any underlying medical conditions responsible for back pain.

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