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Beacon College, a liberal arts institution of higher education, partners with and engages undergraduates who learn differently. The institution provides an education and campus culture that empowers and guides itsstudents along their individual paths to knowledge, self-discovery, and success.

Mark of honor

Jacob Pinckney is a class of 2010 Liberal Arts graduate who now works as a market manager.

Beacon couldn’t save Jacob’s dream to wear a physician’s white coat. However, his four years at Beacon equipped Jacob to perform a facelift on his health-care dream and successfully operate in a career germane to his lifelong medical passion.


Beacon College was the first in the nation accredited to award bachelor degrees primarily to students with learning disabilities, ADHD and other learning diffrences. The College is committed to students’ success, offering academic and personal support services that help each student to achieve his/her goals. Beacon College is truly a community, welcoming, accepting, and supporting each member of it.

The Beacon College campus is located in historic downtown Leesburg, Florida amidst beautiful lakes with academic buildings featuring integrated adaptive technology and bright, spacious classrooms. Activity and residential buildings provide lively backdrops for a host of fun and interesting pursuits. Its residential campus is student-centered, friendly, comfortable and safe, where students are able to experience community living within easy reach of the resources they need to flourish academically, professionally, and socially.

The College fosters creative thought and responsible world citizenship.

Scholarly Courses:

Beacon offers Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in Business Management (with management and hospitality tracks), Computer Information Systems (with Web & Digital Media and Information Systems tracks), and is only the second U.S. institution of higher learning to offer Anthrozoology as an undergraduate major.

Beacon also offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Associate of Arts (A.A.) degrees in human services, humanities, psychology, and studio arts.

Awards &Recognitions:

Beacon College is well recognized and adorned through Washington Monthly’s “Influential Colleges” in 2012, ValuePenguin’s “Best Value Colleges and Universities” in 2014. It ranked second in theCollege magazine’s 2016 listing of “Top 10 Best Colleges for Students with Disabilitiles,” and eighth’s 2017 listing of “Top 10 Best Florida Colleges and Universities.”

An anthrozoologist, Brian Ogle, was awardedAnimalearn’s 2016 Humane Educator of the Year.

Dr. George J. Hagerty

Dr. George J. Hagerty, president of Beacon College, previously served for 14 years as the President of Franklin Pierce University. Upon his retirement, he was named President Emeritus.

Dr. Hagerty understands contemporary educational policy and how its implementation runs deep.  He began his career with a postdoctoral fellowship at the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare and went on to serve in a series of posts in the newly created U.S. Department of Education. While in these positions, he led branches that oversaw personnel preparation and policy compliance in the Office of Special Education Programs. After leaving federal service, Dr. Hagerty has been called upon regularly to serve as an advisor to both Democratic and Republican administrations on issues related to special education, state-federal relations, and educational finance.

Dr. Hagerty has been a champion of promoting the U.S. higher education model to the international audience.

Student Opportunities:

Life has many dimensions.

So does education. There is nearly as much to be learned outside the classroom as in it. Time spent away at college helps young adults discover who they are. It gives them vital experience in both self-reliance and navigating the everyday choices that are essential to a full and productive life.

This experience is pivotal for students who learn differently. Coming from highly supportive homes, they often face challenges while advocating themselves, making small, but important decisions and ensuring their own wellness.

With Proactive safety personnel and Strong commitment to gender equality, Beacon College offers safe, supportive environments with just the right amount of structure to help students who learn differently thrive. At Beacon, you will find Vibrant Living Communities, helpful Health Professionals and Counselors along with Great Food.

Beacon College is truly a community, welcoming, accepting, and supporting each member of it. The institution helps you achieve your educational goals by providing personalized attention with small class sizes and courses that promote critical thinking skills.

Individualized academic mentoring with trained Learning Specialists teaches, in a way that caters to your learning style and unique needs. Advanced technologies are incorporated into coursework to aid interactive learning.

Financial Aids and Scholarships:

Pell Grant, the largest of the Federal Student Aid grant programs, and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grantare two of the many popular financial grant programs provided by Beacon College.

Beacon College also provides special financial assistance to Florida residents through Florida State Grants, Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG), Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG) and Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program.

Bright Futures Academic Scholarsand Bright Futures Medallion Scholarsare few prominent scholarship programs provided by Beacon College for aspiring eligible students.

In addition to this, Federal Loans, Private Loans,Veteran, Working whilestudying, and Vocational Rehabilitation are other funding avenues available at Beacon College.

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