Benefits of having Stronger Female Literacy
Rajshree Jodha | Assistant Professor | JIET Group of Institutions - The Knowledge Review

The continuous and sustainable development of any country and nation primarily depends upon the kind of citizens it possesses. In simple words, it directly depends upon the growth of its citizens. Any person’s growth and survival depends on various parameters such as their personality development, kind of communication i.e., skills of communication, hygiene etc. but most importantly their education. In Today’s male dominant society where there exists more number of males in corporate etc., it’s good to see the contribution of male in the national development but males’ contribution is not enough. This development can be further enhanced with women empowerment, especially with stronger female literacy. This is because if women will progress, they can provide a good foundation and base so as to say serve as a helping hand. The benefits are not merely confined to it. It is a known fact that females possess a different mindset, thinking skills and have the ability to think about any problem with a different perspective. When it comes about decision making, we always prefer men but if we make women a part of it, they can actually penetrate it with a different approach and can give us various solutions which might have been little difficult if we would have taken only men’s opinion. Even at family level, since mothers’ are not educated though they possess a different vision but as it is not polished, they are not confident enough to participate in it. Hence, merely men of the family are involved for deciding the future of the issues confronted with while educated mothers are proficient enough in teaching their children, imparting values and giving a new direction, new shape to the future of their children.

To bring a message change, even a single inspiration is enough. Say, even if you provide good education to a girl and she achieves a big stature, she provides a massive boost and motivation, a light of optimism and hope for the other aspirant girls and women. She conveys a strong message that even they can achieve what they desire for, it does not matter how difficult the struggle is.

The ultimate point is, “They can achieve what they dream of”. The best example is of Sudha Murthy. Prior to her, female candidates were not allowed to apply for the job in Tata Company but she took it as a challenge, based on her good academic performance and confidence, she made it possible and became the first female to work in Tata. She was the initiator and since then, the number of women working in Tata has increased. Even a big company’s trend of not recruiting women was changed as she was literate enough and had a challenging approach. The same applies to every female.

When a woman achieves a big stature or a position, she opens the doors for other women as she is aware of the inherent struggle she went through i.e., struggle of establishing own self, struggle of rejection from the society and struggle of proving herself. She knows the problems that she went through; how she solved them and also possible methods she could have adopted to make her path easier. As she is literate and experienced, she understands the right way to eradicate similar problems for women empowerment. The fundamental point, through which everything initiates, is “Female Education”. Women education also benefits as when due to education, if a lady achieves something big, she gives a shock, a stimulus to those primitive and conservative males to change their mindset towards the image of women and their empowerment, giving them a new prospect to think. Though they may not accept such women but at least can side line them which open the door for other females as now, they would have less people who would have retarded them. Very rightly said by Nelson Mandela – “Education is the best tool you can use to change the world”.

About the Author

Rajshree Jodha, an effervescent educationalist, serves as an Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Science, JIET Group of Institutions, India for last seven years. She is a vivid researcher in Data Science. She holds a B.E degree in Computer Engineering from Mody Institute of Technology and Science, Laxmangarh, MBA degree from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur and M.Tech degree from Rajasthan Technical University. She is entrusted with numerous responsible positions such as Academic Audit Member and Anti-Women Harassment Cell Member to the group.

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