Most suitable careers for women in the smart phone era
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Women are no less; every possible job role in the universe has been excelled now by a woman, making them not on par but better than their counterparts.

Reading or watching films on a smart phone while commuting is a daily scenario for everyone. We are all surrounded by smart phones in and around our lives. With increase of smart phone usage for various purposes by each and everyone around the globe, there is a huge rise in demand of various professionals who would fuel content into these smartphones for varied usage.

Chatting on WhatsApp & Facebook, watching movies on YouTube & Netflix and shopping on amazon & Flipkart, Uber and OLAs for commute is part and parcel of life. The availability of budget friendly smart mobile phones and 3G/4G internet penetration has ensured high demand for new media content. The number of smart phone users, their varied demographics and purposes has given rise to plethora of new JOB opportunities. There are more jobs, new job roles and much more…

This industry offers tons of job roles that are very suitable for women. Most of the jobs are desk jobs. Few of them require language skills, few require drawing skills, few require camera handling and/or software skills or technical skills etc. Most of them require creativity, eye for detail, multitasking abilities, adaptability, tons of patience and perseverance and hence make them suitable for the females. Girls who are preparing to join the workforce soon should be equipped with the right degree which imparts them with the right skills for various jobs in the Smart phone era. Below are a few job roles…

Digital marketing manager, Search engine optimizer, Search engine marketer , Social media manager, content design manager, content creator, graphic designer, inbound marketing manager ,Website designer , UI/UX designer , e-learning content designer, app designer , game designer , Animator VFX artist, comic/storyboard artist, corporate video designer etc.

Women have reached the space and hence there is nothing beyond their capacity and capabilities. But, a woman is always trying to balance work-life, with roles of homemaker, caretaker and now also the butter winner of the family, there is always a challenge. The below mentioned careers give women the much needed liberty of time and space, these job roles are available in a consultant role, as a freelancer, work from home opportunity etc. and hence help women with work-life balance while still pursuing these trendy careers.

A Bachelors or Master’s degree in Graphic and Multimedia design makes them career ready for the below roles.

  1. Ad designers
  2. Package designers
  3. Content designers
  4. Graphic designers
  5. Web designer
  6. UI/UX designers
  7. E-learning content designers
  8. App designers
  9. Game designer
  10. Explainer videos /white board videos

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with specialization in advertising and digital marketing prepares them for a career in the below roles.

  1. Digital marketing manager
  2. Search Engine marketer
  3. Email marketer
  4. Search engine optimizer
  5. Social media marketer
  6. Content designer
  7. Copywriter
  8. Display Ad manager
  9. Online reputation manager
  10. Inbound marketing manager

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with specialization in Photography and digital imaging prepares them for a career in the below roles.

  1. Wedding Photographer
  2. Travel photographer
  3. Fine arts photography
  4. Videography
  5. Vlogger
  6. Photo editor
  7. Documentary filmmaking
  8. Cinematography
  9. Product Photography
  10. Corporate videos

A Bachelor’s degree with specialization in Animation and VFX prepares them for a career in the below roles.

  1. Game designer
  2. Animator
  3. Storyboard artist
  4. Character designer
  5. Background designer
  6. Lighting artist
  7. Rotoscopy artist
  8. Texturing artist
  9. VFX artist
  10. Compositor

Listed above are a few professional degrees which will not only provide the right skills but also excellent careers for women in the smart phone era. A 4 years professional degree ensures a 360 degrees learning of the individual along with industry exposure and internship which gives an edge above the rest in the rat race of JOBS.

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Purvi Shah, an aggressive Sales Professional with almost two decades of experience in Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Channel Sales management, Key Account Management, Team Management, client-relationship management and customer service. She is an enthusiastic and passionate sales person with very high perseverance. She is a marketer with out-of-box thinking, keen eye for detail and common sense, who loves to travel, read and experiment with vegetarian recipes. Currently, she is the Marketing & Sales Head of AISFM.

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