Blyth Academy Qatar: Teaching community that brings together students in a harmonious, creative, supportive environment.

“We want to be a global leader in providing accessible, experiential, progressive learning experiences that prepare students for academic success at the primary, intermediate, secondary and post-secondary education levels.”

Established in 2006, Qatar Canadian School, now Blyth Academy Qatar is a renowned international school that embraces diversity, celebrates differences in cultures and engages students in their learning. Blyth Academy is a global leader in providing students from Junior KG to 12th grade with safe, transformative, experiential learning opportunities.

Blyth Academy Qatar is known for its diverse educational environment with students from 51 nations enriching the experience for all students to function in a global society. Graduates of Blyth are equipped to pursue post-secondary studies in Canada and internationally.

The Inception story

After several years of exploring and expanding the Alberta Programs of Study, the school applied for accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Alberta Canada. In July of 2016, the school was acquired by Blyth Academy headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Blyth Education has been delivering quality education for over 30 years in Canada and abroad. In the session 2016-2017, Blyth received accreditation status from the Ministry of Education of Alberta, and in 2018-2019 Blyth was elevated to Tier 3 accreditation.

Today BA continues to serve its learning community under the direction of the Ministry of Education, Qatar in addition to operations as an Alberta Accredited International School. With a current enrolment of approximately 390 students , Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, the school’s vision is “To create, foster, maintain, and act as a learning environment that embraces the curricula, pedagogy, and interactions that develop compassionate, intelligent and creative problem solvers for our global future.

The facility is now filled with a diverse population with many students from employees of CNAQ and UCQ. However, the student body is becoming increasingly more diverse and includes a small number of local students. The school continues to grow in popularity and functions at capacity.

A Rainbow of Offerings

Using the Alberta Education Program of Studies that is modified and augmented by the programs mandated by the Qatari MoEd., BA offers academic programs to students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 to help them have an overall development. The complementary timetable addresses local programming requirements and options, including: Arabic Language studies, Islamic Studies and Qatar History courses coupled with specialized options for CTF (e.g. Academic Literacy, Business Literacy, Theatre Arts, Nutritional Literacy, and Digital Literacy) in the Junior High and a series of bundled CTS Modules for the options in the Senior High (e.g., Business Foundations, computer studies, French and many online options are offered).

Teachers at BA are diverse, and most teachers are Canadian trained. They hold either an Alberta Teachers’ Certificate (interim or permanent) or a Letter of Authority from Alberta Education. The teachers who are an exception to this rule are those that are hired locally to teach Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, and these professionals are licensed by the authority of the Supreme Education Council (MoED).

To Look Out for

  • Small class sizes
  • Educate students focused on academic success
  • Autonomy for the individual teaching structure and style to deliver customization of learning to students

Impeccable Leadership

Blyth Academy had adopted an inclusive leadership structure with the Head of School and Deputy Head of School overseeing the overall management of Blyth Academy. Included on the leadership team are Divisional leads, Guidance Counselors, Student Life Lead and Athletic Lead. These eight teachers alongside the Head’s work collaboratively to set the direction of the school to ensure students have excellent academic programs and an active and engaging extra-curricular program.

To support the Leadership team, Blyth Academy has an active School Advisory Council that is made up of parents, students, faculty and staff. This group meets monthly, or as necessary, to discuss topics of interest and concern and provide the leadership team with guidance and suggestions with regards to school operation. Students are also included in school management through an active Student and Athletic Council.

At Blyth Academy, all staff is required to contribute to the running of the school by being members of a variety of committees all of which are intended to enhance the academic program and extra-curricular life of the school. Through participation in these particular groups all members of staff, students and parents take ownership in the success of the school.

In addition to the leadership team, the school has managers of finance, IT, facilities, and admissions who serve the parents and faculty.

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