Qatar International School: “Aspiring to Excellence, Building Futures, and Celebrating Diversity”
Qatar International School

Qatar International School is a fully accredited British International School, located in the Dafna district of Doha.  The school was founded in 1977 making it one of the first British schools in Qatar. Just over 40 years later and QIS is now one of the largest and most successful schools in the country, with 2,000 students on role.

Conveniently situated beneath the impressive skyscrapers and business centre of West Bay, the school occupies a unique, purpose built campus. Here it has developed the full range of specialist school facilities, which more than meet UK standards. The school is blessed with almost 130 classrooms, all equipped with the latest technology and resources. These obviously include more than 14 well-appointed Science laboratories, numerous ICT suites, a swimming pool, playing field, and 2 large sports halls.

Since 2013, when the current Principal, Mr. Deane Baker, took over, the school has embarked on a journey to be not only the best school in the country but one of the best British International Schools in the World.  With more than 20 years school leadership experience in the UK and a team made up entirely of British professionals, the Principal strives to maintain the highest standards of the current English Education system.

Children are taught in Key Stages from Early Years through to KS5 and examinations are taken in GCSE, IGCSE and A Levels, using UK examination boards. In general, 50% of the sixth form students leave to universities in the UK but also the USA, Canada and elsewhere. All English Curriculum staff are UK qualified or experienced and the school prides itself on ensuring it keeps up to date with the very best international practice and training. In the last 4 years the school has achieved more than 4 “Best in World” examination results at both IGCSE and A Level. Complementing these achievements have been no less than 15 awards for results that were “Best in Country” and “Best in Region,” firmly establishing its reputation as one of the leading British Schools in Qatar and the Middle East.

In 2015 QIS received the highest possible grading from the Qatar National School’s Accreditation programme and was certified for 5 years. The following year the school was awarded full BSO status (British School Overseas) by the UK Government following an excellent inspection in October 2016. Since then the school has continued to renew its accreditation as well as becoming the only provider in the region for the prestigious Olevi International Teacher Training Programmes, becoming a designated Centre of Excellence in 2018, one of only 8 schools in the world to do so. This very much reflects the QIS commitment to the highest quality of teaching learning.

Our student body is truly international, with over 60 different nationalities represented within the current cohort. Throughout the year they participate in numerous events, both inside and outside of the school, including a wide variety of Sports, Model United Nations, International Award and World Scholar’s Cup. The school calendar is packed with other activities to celebrate both the local and international nature of its work. National Day, International Day and School Fair are all major events involving the whole school community coming together to celebrate success and diversity.

While the teaching staff is predominantly British and the curriculum is taught in English, the school is adept at integrating students from varied cultural and academic backgrounds. Qatar International School prides itself in the care it takes of its students and the school family is a warm and welcoming one. It knows that only by making sure that its children feel happy and safe can they really learn and develop to their full potential and ability.

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