Boosting Brain’s Learning Abilities with Multitasking
Boosting Brain’s Learning Abilities with Multitasking
Boosting Brain’s Learning Abilities with Multitasking

Did you know that a 15-minute workout can boost your brain activity? Despite the shortcomings of multitasking, performing more than one thing at a time is beneficial for the human body, at least when it comes to exercise and studying. Moreover, exercising immediately after practicing a new motor skill can improve one’s ability to retain that learned skill for a long term. Studies reveal that a single 15-minute cardio workout can increase the brain’s ability and its efficiency to create new neural networks required for learning. Our elders have also said; going to bed early can make you, even more, smarter, hence sleep also plays an important role here. So, if anybody wants to attain healthy results at college, gym, or study, a healthy brain is required, which can be created by using the following techniques of multitasking.

Aerobic Boost
Numerous studies and surveys reveal that aerobic exercises aid in boosting the brainpower enough to establish connections and in learning new things. The studies further highlight that the aerobic exercise not only improves memory and thinking ability, but standing upright over sitting can also be very powerful exercise to boost the brain power. So, at a minimum level, getting up and moving around while studying can boost brain memory. This is a very simple aerobic exercise and any student can takeout 15 minutes of his/her time to boost the brain.

Frequent Breaks
Performing some simple exercises in the middle of studying can simulate the body along with the mind. Some of these exercising includes, jumping jacks, arm raises, or even an intense physical workout. This workout does not mean that you have to invest your 40-50 minutes to workout sessions. It can be used while studying, or even at half an hour and moving around. Taking small-small steps, jump, yoga, stretching can also help out. Students can also think creatively and follow different routines every day, which will further keep the brain fresh and always ready for new information input.

Recording Your Own Notes
Students can record their own voice notes comprising questions and commentary. Listening to these notes while walking or jogging can help in sticking memories with the notes. To be more innovative, students can ask their friends to do it for them or listen to other’s podcasts on the studying subject. Head on to your campus with the recorded notes and jump on the treadmill and multitask all the while running and studying. As told before, things can get stuck with the workout, so synchronized the workout, more are the chances of things to stick in your brain. I am definitely sure; next time you conduct this activity, the things you can learn while listening will surprise you.

Adjusting the Workout
If the workout becomes too intense, your body will not be able to remember the grasped matter, because you spent all your body’s energy on your heart and muscles. You will not be able to retain what you study. So, do learn how to adjust with the workout. You can keep administering your workouts to accommodate your study needs.

It is up to students how they want to do the learning, either the hard way or the smart way. It is totally up to them. Surely, such methods can definitely help them. These were just the very basic and simple steps, but the students can create their own. As the old saying goes Practice makes Perfect, students can do the same and boost their brain functions all the while multitasking their whole life.


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