Brabham Gets is New $8 Million Early Childhood Education Centre

The Cook Labor Government has formally inaugurated the early childhood education centre (Brabham Bidi) at Brabham Primary School. This offsite center is designed to cater to an extra 160 kindergarten students, offering much-needed relief for the expanding primary school nearby. Plans include accommodating up to 350 kindergarten and pre-primary students by 2025 and beyond.

The center comprises five transportable pre-primary buildings, an administrative transportable building, a toilet block transportable building, a car park, playgrounds, a bike shelter, and landscaping. This addition contributes to the expanding array of contemporary educational facilities serving families in the swiftly growing region. Brabham Primary School, inaugurated in 2021, currently caters to around 1,000 students spanning from kindergarten to Year 6. Construction is set to commence soon on Brabham East Primary School (tentative name), scheduled to open at the beginning of the 2025 school year, thereby alleviating enrollment pressure on Brabham Primary School.

Education Minister Dr. Tony Buti emphasized the commitment to constructing exceptional facilities to ensure widespread access to education in rapidly expanding neighborhoods, alleviating the strain on existing schools. A new primary school catering to Brabham families is scheduled to open next year, offering enrollment relief for Brabham Primary School. Simultaneously, the offsite early childhood education center will further mitigate enrollment pressure on the primary school site.

Quotes attributed to Early Childhood Education Minister Sabine Winton: “Facilitating access for children and families to high-quality early childhood learning in their neighborhoods promotes lifelong developmental benefits. “The name Brabham BidiKaatadjiny, which means Brabham Journey of Knowledge, emphasizes the importance of a child commencing their formal education journey. “The school’s culturally responsive team engaged with numerous Elders, ensuring a strong connection between the primary school site and the offsite kindergarten.”

Quotes attributed to West Swan MLA Rita Saffioti: “This marks an exciting period for Brabham families as educational opportunities expand rapidly in the area. “I’m thrilled to provide these incredible facilities that will serve parents and the youngest members of our community as they embark on their educational journey.”

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