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If we ask you to recite the mathematical table of two, you’d be able to do it with ease right? And that is so because it has been instilled in us at an early age, and through its repetitive use, we are and will be able to use it throughout our lives. The said example is a rather basic one but presents itself as a piece of clear evidence that our early days of learning, set up the foundation for future years.

Proper education in early childhood days assists the brain to grow and discover things in the best way possible. Couple all of this with the appropriate school, curriculum, and students’ relevant interests, and you will get yourself a lifelong learner.

Britannia School recognizes this development and offers quality education through a child centred approach, recent and relevant, and personalized learning. Nestled in the green North-Western District of Moscow, the school is a traditional British Nursery and Primary school for children aged one to seven.

One particular trait to note about Britannia is that it is the only stand-alone British-owned and managed educational establishment in Moscow. Hence, it teaches with the official British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the English National curriculum. These are the same curricula, which are practised for all Nursery and Primary schools in the UK.

Britannia School is a fully licensed educational establishment and is in full compliance with all regulatory requirements. The school campus is located in a purpose built facility with its own expansive gated green outside space. The school is easily accessible by private or public transportation.

All Britannia School teachers and teaching assistants have teachers’ degrees from leading universities. Hence, students at Britannia learn under competent, experienced, and all native-speaking British teachers. Additionally, a bilingual teaching assistant supports each class teacher. Britannia School also enjoys a diverse international student body with students from Algeria, UK, Greece, Denmark, India, Serbia, Turkey, USA, South Korea, and Japan, amongst others.

An Adept Principal

An experienced British early years educator and psychologist, Mrs. Holly Roberts (MBPsS) founded the school in the year 2016. Prior to Britannia, Mrs. Roberts successfully launched early years departments for two large international educational establishments in Moscow. She perceived that it was time to build her own Nursery and Primary School and provide quality British education to a broader community. And at present, Mrs. Roberts leads the school as Headteacher on the path of academic excellence.

Alongside being the Principal, Mrs. Roberts is also the Founder and Owner of the school. This is another distinct trait that sets Britannia apart from other schools. Hence, she gets to decide on every decision regarding the school. As such, the Principal hand-picks all the teaching staff at the school.

Being a lifelong educator, Mrs. Roberts personally checks lesson plans and caters to the overall quality of the educational services at Britannia School. The Headteacher also allocates time from her busy schedule to teach lessons at every year group to monitor each student’s progress.

A Curriculum for Distinction

As mentioned previously, Britannia School implements a high-quality British Early Years curriculum. Consequently, the school prides itself on the quality of its academics. This setup is directly responsible for Britannia students who are able to excel and demonstrate superior results in standard UK tests.

Out of the school’s doors, Britannia School graduates continue their education at the leading international and Russian schools in Moscow and overseas. The word of mouth and feedback reveals that the Britannia School graduates are, on average, a year ahead of their peers in academic achievements and behaviourally.

Furthermore, Mrs. Roberts has introduced role-play elements in the Britannia School’s Primary curriculum to smoothen the students’ transition from the Early Years into Primary. Talking about the curriculum and performance metrics, she asserts, “Every student’s academic progress over his/her time at Britannia School is being tracked and documented in such student’s Profile. As a matter of policy, we furnish students’ profiles to the parents of the Britannia School graduates upon their completion of studies at our school.”

Where Students Play and Learn

By implementing the British Curriculum, and coupling it with role-play, the school engages little students naturally. The continuous provisioning concept has been extended to the outdoor space. Each classroom features a role play area that changes every week to reflect the topics being covered. It is equipped with the pavilions that are used by the students for role play.

One day a pavilion may serve as a café; the next day, it is a supermarket or an auto repair shop. Britannia School’s outer side features a storytelling area, the Math area, and toy cars and helicopters. On top of that, each classroom features independent learning areas that address learning covered in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Furthermore, all classrooms are equipped with mini-sand boxes, mini-water trays, Math and arts, and crafts facilities, small world areas, and mini-libraries. The school has an extensive campus library of the English language books for children aged 1.5 to 7 years of age, where the books are carefully selected and match all topics covered in our full-time program and after school clubs. The books displayed in the mini-libraries are updated weekly to support the topic that is being taught in a particular week.

Education for All

As a third distinct trait, comes the school’s offering of the most competitive tuition fee levels among all British and American educational establishments in Moscow. The tuition fees for the full-time Britannia School’s students is payable in five instalments, unlike other schools where the tuition is paid in terms or prepaid at the start of the academic year. Also, Britannia School is discussing financing options for the students through a collaboration with one of the largest Russian banks.

The Road Ahead

At present, Britannia School has established formal links with secondary and high schools where the graduates can continue their education. For forthcoming years, Britannia School will be establishing relationships with other schools internationally.

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