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Can you name one trait that sets you apart from others? We are pretty sure, yes, you can, and that thing alone can define your identity. However, this individuality doesn’t come to us. Yes, some are born with them but mostly they are nurtured and built within us via individual development. It is instilled in us, in our childhood days, right from the day we enter a school. A space that speaks well-being, success, security, and individual development.

Likewise, we at The Knowledge Review feel much proud to present a school which not only understands but strives to live by the development of individuals. We bring forth International School ALLA PRIMA.

Alla Prima commenced its journey on the 5th of July 1994 as one of the first private schools in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. For many who joins it for learning or teaching, it becomes a reliable warm home, where one can enjoy work, rest, holidays, but most importantly – good traditions. The school leads the educational sphere with the mission ‘to create favorable conditions for the development of individual abilities of each student, psychological comfort, and high creative potential for all types of activities.’ And at present, it offers a full range of educational programs from preschool department (for children of four-to-five years old), primary school and secondary education all the way to high school.

A Four-Pillar Robust Management

Alla Prima soars with the wings built on the principles of self-management of the collective and one-person management. A four-level system that embraces the Director of the school, Deputy Directors for Educational Work, and methodological associations of teachers and students.

The school Principal provides professional guidance and contributes to the school’s success and development in order to guarantee quality education for all students. She aligns the management and organization of the school with staying consistent with its goals and directions of development. Moving forward with the duties, she also provisions to the school’s relationship with the outside community. Instances of such include other local schools, local departments of education management, higher educational institutions, employers, vocational guidance centers, amongst others.

Working alongside the school administration, the Director focuses on quality education, standards, and equal opportunities for everyone. The Director provides a vision of goals, the direction of development, and management of the school. She is also responsible for disciplining the field of education for the effective management, organization, and administration of the school.

Built for Students

In the beginning, we stated there is one factor that revolves around the Alla Prima’s center of educational work i.e., child. At Alla Prima, children hone to maximize their capabilities, talents, and abilities. Besides the collaboration with parents, teachers at Alla Prima have only one job; to contribute to every child’s individual development.

Everything that Alla Prima does is to preserve individuality in students, help them to become educated, be confident with dignity, and respect the people around them and the world. As such, students experience numerous and diverse forms of academic work, discover their hobbies, have consultations, and sharpen their art at theater and vocal studios.

The environment itself forms a comfortable psychological atmosphere. It provides quality education, nutrition, and medical care. Students learn valuable lessons under optimal conditions where they satisfy their ambitions. The school’s atmosphere enables students to witness the adult population treating them with respect.

Not to mention, there is no hooliganism, no teenagers smoking and drinking, no school bullying, whatsoever at the school. Children, both younger and older, learn with joy, knowing there is no one to humiliate them. On the contrary, they are supported and helped.

All-in-all, a small number of children in the class, a five-day school week, five intermediate vacations during the school year, a variety of extra-curricular forms of communication between children and adults make Alla Prima a right, modern, and exciting school.

The Right Curriculum

Alla Prima features an expanded curriculum. It goes from primary general education (duration of four years), secondary education (duration of five years), to high school (duration of two years), as well as additional educational programs for adaptation of young children to school life. It develops courses for preschool children and preparation of high school students for unified state exams. Furthermore, Alla Prima implements adapted educational programs for children with disabilities.

In elementary school, students learn via in-depth aesthetic education where English is taught from the first grade, and they do vocals, draw, and perform on stage.

Later, in middle school, the emphasis is shifted on a lot of research, design work. Without extinguishing students’ interests, it keeps their curiosity alive and assists them in choosing their relevant interests in the future.

In high school, students onset on their educational route, depending on their desired career choice.

As an accredited school, Alla Prima complies with all school standards and breaks only to expand them.

Going the Extra Mile

With the curriculum mentioned above, students get to spend a full day, complete homework, attend training courses, develop classes in drawing, painting, choreography, music, and sports amongst others.

In addition to the basic studies, high school students obtain the opportunity to attend intensive courses in diverse subjects. While selecting, they can focus on the study of several foreign languages (English, French, Spanish), master the Russian language, mathematics, natural and social sciences.

On the other hand, in the children’s center, classes take place for children of four-to-six years old, focused on the full development of the child and successful admission to the preparatory class.

All the courses at Alla Prima clearly define educational goals that reflect the specifics of each subject.

Out the School’s Doors

With all the above programs, classes, and features, graduates come out with qualities such as mobility, sociability, and independence amongst others. Hence, they solve problems, make choices and bear the responsibility towards them, and master new knowledge.

Graduates receive two certificates; a State and a European certificate on behalf of the quality of education from the International Education Society, London. As a result, graduates get the option of following higher studies not just in Russia but also abroad.

Moving ahead, Alla Prima has a proud list of successful alumni with exceptional success stories. Many successful businessmen, doctors, teachers, designers, architects, artists, and musicians have graduated from the school. All of them are distinguished by having an open mind, aspiration, creativity, honest attitude towards businesses and people.

Often times, graduates come to revisit the school and the teachers to share their experience with students via talks or interviews for the school newspaper. The school is most proud of those graduates who live in Rostov-on-Don and have brought back their children to the school for their studies. This trust reflects the quality of the education they have received and how they want it to continue with future generations.

A Tailor-Made Future

Retaining the said individuality to the core, Alla Prima will keep the school at the achieved level of quality of education. For the forthcoming years, the school plans to further embrace modern advancements in education to continue contributing to society. Alla Prima’s plan here is to educate and prepare young professionals to join the fast-changing world to advance the progress of humanity.

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