California Prep International School: Fostering Education with a Blend of Tradition and Innovation
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“We are committed to the harmonious development of the whole person for student excellence in Academics, personality, useful service, and global citizenship”

Located in Thailand, California Prep International School (California Prep or CA Prep or
CPIS) was co-founded on November 14, 2010. The school is committed to the harmonious development of its students in academics, personality and global citizenship. School 17-rai campus and its renovated buildings just perfectly match the vision and dreams of the founders. In 2011, the school received its government license to operate as an international school. The school is based with an American curriculum and is owned and operated by the Mangmiwatthana Company Limited with teachers as shareholders.

California Prep International School has beautiful infrastructure with K-G12 facilities. With concrete and glassed classrooms, CPIS has the following facilities: basketball and volleyball gym, futsal and tennis court, ping-pong tables, and swimming pools for older kids and kinder. As regards to the future prospects, CPIS will continue to grow. Its building expansion includes; 34 classrooms, 17 classrooms of which are now ongoing. In the near future, the school expects to have the full building implementation of the campus master plan. After this, CPIS will continue to branch out in various places as partners will invite. Currently, CPIS has a sister school known as American Prep International School (APIS) in Hat Yai, Thailand.

The school aims to educate the whole child (head, heart, hands, health, and happiness) as well as encourage them to strive for excellence. To awaken and nurture a love for learning in each child so that he/she becomes a life-long learner is viewed as a top priority concern. Experiential and mastery learning, critical thinking skills, creative problem solving and inquiry approach offer value-added flavor to their curricular delivery. The school tries to develop its student full potential with winning attitude, thoughtful choices and well- informed decisions backed up with right action.

Theory Z Leadership

The director of the school is Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana and Dr. Adelino Libato is the
academic director. Both teach courses as adjunct professors in a few universities. With the right qualifications and successful track records as specialists and consultants, the two represent as leaders for success of the highly committed and caring AdCom and faculty members who settle for no less than the best service to the kids and best curriculum (written, delivered and learned) They all have collaboratively produced the contextualized course outlines, lesson plans, and exams which are dubbed as COLPEX. In addition, they have produced the longitudinal records of the students’ core subjects GPAs and external assessment results in graphs. Each student from the time he/she first joined the school until the present has the performance records with graphs.

Diversified Career Opportunities


California Prep provides one of the best balanced and child-centered education that enhances self-confidence, interpersonal relationship, creative thinking, problem solving skills and math skills. It underscores values for life that boost the ART of multiculturalism: Acceptance, Respect, and Tolerance for others.

The school has the following objectives:

  • To instill in the minds of the pupils that they are highly valued and respected
  • To incorporate the values of acceptance, respect, and tolerance regardless of colors, status, & nationality
  • To develop the social skills, love of learning and reading habit
  • To improve the language proficiency through whole language and phonics with emphasis on the foundation skills in speaking, listening and handwriting
  • To build relationship with parents through dialogues and progress reports
  • To highly involve parents in various activities
  • To introduce activities that lead to drawing connections, understanding of numbers, interactive communication, and love for school

The program of the school is tailored to satisfy the needs of the children from 3 to 5 years old. More fun activities, indoor and outdoor, will be enjoyed by the students. Teachers are highly encouraged to inspire the children with frequent outdoor activities close to the miracles of Nature. Teachers realize that these small ones need a lot of oxygen for their growth especially in developing their brains and muscles. With the great curriculum delivery, safety is their top most priority.

CA Prep’s one of the biggest challenges is to stir up love in children– love for school, learning, books, teachers, and classmates to the point that students will excitedly express that they can’t wait to be in school the following day. They don’t want to be absent from classes because they will badly miss their teachers. Needless to say, this emphasis is an antidote to students crying when they think of going to school or when they get to school. It’s alarming to see pre-school children, emotionally and physically drained when they are in the car (perhaps falling asleep) after school and much worse if the children will cry because of their school experiences.

A Door to Student Success

Children usually start their school careers with great imaginations, fertile minds, and a
willingness to take risks with what they think. CPIS meets these requirements by providing no less than the best education to their students. Besides offering holistic education with studentcentered and inquiry-based emphasis, the school has given students in the higher grades the following opportunities and exposures: TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, AP exams preps; Business subjects such as Entrepreneurship, HRM, Business Statistics, and Accounting; the link with a nearby university to enroll a bachelor program with 2 years study in Thailand and 2 years study in the US; Exchange students; Online tutorial; STEM; community service for the orphans and homeless; Concerts, choir and band; Off-campus competitions; and a variety of programs to develop the leadership and speaking skills as well as cognitive and affective skills. The school also allocates scholarship for academic high achievers, financially marginalized and those with
talents/ sports excellence.

Education is a foundation for a better future. Teachers at CPIS exert their level best in helping their students to “Grow Self-disciplined and Smarter Citizens”. They nurture and enable them to ignite their own flame for learning. Teachers here tend to model winning attitude, caring commitment, and par excellence. They settle for no mediocrity. Upper in their minds is to exemplify good hearts, virtues, and nobility. This is done with all humility and the recognition that humans can’t have true inner authentic transformation except through the Power above.

The school has been granted 6-year accreditation by WASC until 2023. ONESQA of Thailand has also granted the local accreditation. Last November in 2018, Knowledge Review magazine chose CPIS as one of the 10 Best International Schools in Thailand. Furthermore, some of the CPIS alumni have also been granted scholarship in the Philippines, China, and USA. One who passed the AP Language test was offered a seat in one of the most prestigious pre-med schools in Germany. Many other students passed the SAT and university entrance tests and some are now in Thailand’s top universities such as Chulalongkorn University, Kasetsart University, Thammasat University, and others. The CPIS golfers are excelling in local and international tournaments.

Distinctive Style

The school intends to continue its tradition of being among the first two complete e-learning or ilearning international schools in Thailand which were pioneered by the California Prep Team. California Prep stresses the Core-subjects (Math, Science & English plus Business) with e- Learning plus Talent Development and Self-discipline. The ultimate target is character development with positive attitude and love to mankind. Furthermore, the commonsense integration of the spiritual dimension reminds children of the Most Powerful Spirit (the Creator God), who loves and cares for them and all people regardless.

The distinctive style of CPIS may be summed up as a “Unique Hybrid of the East and the West”. Embedded herewith is the concept that “The banana trees will never become coconut trees. However, CPIS will produce the best banana trees and the best coconut trees.” This concept touches that each child has its own unique individuality, creativity, and innovativeness. Hence, CPIS must develop and fan the good sides of each child. With the American CDE curriculum as the basis, CPIS is prudent in learning from the best educational practices and insights of the following systems: Singapore, Finland, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Japan, Seventh-day Adventist model, Montessori, and ASCD. However, it must be underscored and done with high sensitivity for the students’ well-being, CPIS always implements the strategies adapted with serious contextual consideration and application.

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