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Calvary provides an education which “…prepares Christians to live and serve in the church and the world according to a biblical worldview…” Calvary University stands strong on its foundational commitment to nurture the personal and spiritual life of each student.

Mark of Honor:

As you walk into the Liberty Chapel, you immediately see the wall dedicated to Calvary’s Partners in Ministry. These mission agencies and para-church organizations are recognized by Calvary as partners of faith and ministry, supporting each other in the Lord’s work.

These partner ministries currently have Calvary faculty, staff, students and alumni serving with them in various capacities, and they continue to recruit more workers from Calvary. Calvary desires to network with many agencies and organizations in reaching the world of Christ.


Calvary University is located centrally in the Midwest, less than thirty minutes from downtown Kansas City, Missouri, and they also offer online courses worldwide. Calvary provides undergraduate and graduate level education, equipping Christians to live and serve, in the church and in the world, according to the Biblical worldview.

They do this by fostering the development of intellectual and spiritual maturity through opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. They also seek to develop leadership potential and instill a sense of mission through personal engagement with their local and global communities.

Calvary is carefully designed to provide not just a place for learning, but a place for growth. They offer degree programs on campus and online in Bible and theology, ministry studies, biblical counseling, intercultural studies, education, theatre arts, music, business administration, and professional directed studies.

Scholarly Courses:

Calvary University offers certificate, associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degrees in fields ranging from Arts to Management, and Education to Theology. Students can engage in extracurricular programs including athletics, music, theater and intercultural studies.

Their Graduate School primarily offers three graduate degrees: Master of Science in Organizational Development, Master of Science in Education, and the Master of Science in Worship Arts.

They also offer Seminary graduate degrees in the Master of Arts in Bible and Theology, the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling, and the Master of Divinity.

Awards & Recognitions:

Calvary is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Calvary University’s elementary, secondary and music education programs are also approved by the State of Missouri. Calvary has a rating of IV-AG in the publication Transfer Credit Practices.

Recent awards include: Military Friendly Institution Status, a ranking in the Top 50 Bible Colleges, a ranking in online Christian Colleges by, ranked as the 11th most affordable Christian Counseling degrees by Counseling Degree Hub. Calvary ranks #2 inMissouri and #26 out of 1300 colleges and Universities for lowest student loan debt at graduation by

Dr. Germaine Washington, Department Chair of the undergraduate Business Department

Dr. Germaine Washington, M.B.A., D.M., is the Department Chair of the undergraduate Business Department as well as an Assistant Professor of Business at Calvary University. Dr. Washington’s passion for teaching developed over an 18-year period of counseling children, adolescents, adults and families that were struggling with addictions and substance abuse.

While helping her clients build proper self-esteem and life skills she realized that teaching was an integral part of every counseling situation, and the need to inspire and be inspired was necessary for success in life. This realization, coupled with her experience as a clinical director, was the reason for her transition into the current role of preparing others to teach and inspire. In the classroom, she’s often presenting scenarios where students learn to develop their own solutions to problems. She wants the student’s perspective, but is always challenging them to, “Back it up with the (text) book!” She teaches her students to anchor everything in objective truth rather than personal opinion.

Dr. Washington’s frequent reminder is, “Whatever stage of life you’re in, find a mentor.” When not in the classroom, Dr. Washington loves reading, riding rollercoasters and hanging out with her family.

Student Life at Calvary:

Calvary University is known across the world for its tight-knit campus community where faculty, staff and students support each other and form deep relationships spanning time and distance. Building and maintaining relationships are a top priority at Calvary, and are fostered through a variety of class and dorm events, banquets, chapel services, music concerts, picnics, athletic events, brother-sister dorm activities, and so much more.

Career opportunities:

Calvary alumni work and serve around the world as pastors and counselors; as educators from elementary to graduate levels; as business leaders; and in the arts as musicians and actors.

A global network of alumni and recruiters are regularly on campus sharing real-world opportunities and experiences that motivates and inspires students to look forward to life, work and service beyond graduation.

Financial Assistance for Students:

Calvary’s Financial Aid Office is dedicated to helping the students understand their financial needs. Students at Calvary University have access to a wide variety of both internal and external aid opportunities, federal aid such as grants, loans and military benefits.

Calvary is also developing two significant programs to help with student expenses: The Study and Work Program, and the Nikao Leadership Institute.These offer students excellent opportunities to learn and grow, while providing significant financial aid throughout students’ academic career at Calvary.


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