Can you kill the probability of the next pandemic? How?

The worldwide pandemic has adversely affected every aspect of human life. The global scenario has changed drastically. You need a systemic approach toward this growing concern of infectious disease. More and more interaction must be encouraged so the world leaders can come together and ensure proper harmony between humans, the environment, and animals. The model for developing a robust response to the virus needs time and investment.

Much research must be underway to analyze the pandemic’s origin, transmission, and global spread. The next stage is the identification of the international level determinants from the physical environment to the biosphere and social atmosphere. More and more steps are required to draw information on the virus and its future development.

Addressing the issue globally is necessary because it affects every nation and knows no boundaries. Follow sustainable development goals to ensure that nature remains preserved and human beings get back to typical life.

Remember that global priorities must be in place. Some determinants do not get adequately addressed, leading to pressure. Good cooperation between national and international leaders is necessary to manage the problem from a global perspective. The overarching procedure requires modification of processes, structures, and mechanisms at the international level. The defect in the global governance is the reason behind the spread of the virus. Hence, it has become evident that the aftermath of the coronavirus will not be easy to handle. According to a new poll by MyBioSource, around 34% of Maryland’s people support Covid measures.

  • The background of the issue

The severe respiratory syndrome coronavirus causing illness and deaths in most cases, has changed the global scenario. It has affected not only the economies but also human life in particular. The worldwide pandemic has seriously affected the human species and their lifestyle. Lockdown, restriction on movement, isolation, and other measures has affected the global population in semi-urban and urban areas. Hence, economic activities had to decline, and a global recession was evident. However, there is still some hope left. Lockdown was the only option left before the global leaders flattened the curve.

  • The systemic approach to the issue

The need of the hour is the conceptualization and comprehension of the general issue of the pandemic. The human race must understand the problem and take steps to prevent the same. Remember that there is no assurance that another global pandemic will not take place. Their occurrence in the future is very much evident. It is thereby essential to perceive this and take positive steps to prepare oneself for the future pandemic.

Remember that health is the most vital aspect. Global strategies must be underway to tackle the issue of a future pandemic. Along with this, global leaders must come forward to expand their investment in research in these fields. Whether it is a sustainable system, development of strategies, or study in antimicrobial resistance, to ensure that the world population is safe and secure.

  • Population pressure and the pandemic

Population pressure is one of the reasons why the global pandemic spread at such a high rate. Multiple studies are available establishing the adverse effect of the pandemic on the population. Along with this, people saw how the pandemic affected the biodiversity, land use, biogas cycle, and population level.

The growth of the human population has contributed substantially to the deforestation and loss of biodiversity. It has further contributed to the problem of climate change and urbanization. The overcrowding problem in the urban centers and the concentration of economic activity here have attracted people, which has increased the population. Remember that proper population diffusion in and around the cities is necessary to ensure a distance between the people. People have understood the significance of social distancing in the last few years. Hence, more than women empowerment or generic quality, the need of the hour is population control.

  • Behavioral and cultural factors

You would hardly see articles on behavioral and cultural factors associated with coronavirus. Although finance plays a vital role, cultural factors cannot be overlooked. The popularity of vet markets with recently killed or live animals requires an alternate behavioral pattern that promotes demand for well-packaged and freshly prepared food. These actions are necessary so that hygienic standards are maintained.

Along with this, legislation and its proper enforcement can improve hygiene practices and prevent the sale of illegal animal meat. The scenario becomes complex when people do not take safety measures under consideration. Remember that there is a link between human beings and nature. Hence, you must understand the demands of Mother Nature and work accordingly. The food chain plays a vital role, so you cannot overlook this only for enjoying and eating animal flesh.

How can globalization help?

Globalization has encouraged, facilitated, and promoted interest in trade across borders. The only aim is to improve profit and the exploitation of natural resources. However, what is required is to use the globalization process as a driving force for ensuring more and more research in this field of a pandemic.

Financial and economic factors promote globalization to expand investment in research and future development.

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