Canadian Oaks Kindergarten: Fostering Timeless Tradition of Holistic Education
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Studies have shown that children’s brain is almost fully developed (90%) by the time they reach five years of age. Hence, it is crucial that we ensure that the child’s holistic development is directed through the right path. Preschools are the foundational platforms that give young children the right exposure.

It ensures that their pupils’ educational and personality development is anchored in core pillars of leadership, honour, excellence, integrity, compassion, and stewardship. Preschools have a fiduciary responsibility to provide guidance and nurture and hone life skills in young children. Canadian Oaks Kindergarten, a preschool of Dubai, is one such institution that focuses on developing the personality of its pupils while giving significant importance to their academic performance focused on learning outcomes. At Canadian Oaks Kindergarten, the child develops not only academic skills but gains a positive attitude toward learning.

A Tradition of Excellence

Canadian Oaks Kindergarten, a part of Silver Oaks International Education Services (SOIES) Group, brings with it a century-old tradition of education and commitment that spans over five generations. Established in 2013, it is a fully inclusive preschool. It offers International Montessori-inspired early learning curriculum, for children aged 1.5 (Toddlers) to 6 (KG 2) years while providing additional therapy and full inclusion to children in need of special cognitive support.

At its heart lies its belief of offering word-class education and developing its students to the highest potential. When asked about its mission, Hassan Sattar, Group Managing Director & CEO comments, “Educating and developing as our own with a focus on quality! quality! quality!” Quality is never an accident. In light of this mission, Canadian Oaks maintains consistency in maximizing quality of the foundation of an Oakian learner. This reputation earned by Canadian Oaks Kindergarten is the result of its Focused Intent; Evolving Eclectic Teaching Methodology; Sincere Efforts; Skillful Execution; & Targeted Oversight.

  • A school must be a place which educates and develops the whole child and provides the skills necessary for upward social mobility;
  • Academic rigor focusing on: learning outcomes, inculcating the habit of hard work and consistency in the effort, and  absorption-focused management
  • Holistic child development through: Oratory Skills, Structured personality development program, and Responsible global citizenship awareness.

The aforesaid are the corner-stones of educational philosophy followed by Canadian Oaks Kindergarten. Guided by the developmental principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, this preschool focuses on the cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of the child. Located at a prime site for local community as well as commuting pupils, the campus is wonderfully appealing and conducive for young children and is home to pupils from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Aiming for inclusive development of all its pupils, at Canadian Oaks Kindergarten, every pupil gets an equal opportunity to learn and grow at his/her own comfort.

A Global Corporate Leader turned Educator

The Group Managing Director & CEO of Canadian Oaks Kindergarten, Mr. Hassan Sattar,  comes armed with industry experience from working across three industries – Oil & Gas (Royal Dutch Shell Group); Banking (Standard Chartered Bank & Barclays Bank PLC) & Education Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author (MD & CEO SOIES Group) with over 23 years of resident & project assignments in 14 countries across Europe (UK, Holland); Africa (Morocco); Middle East (UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon), Far East (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore) and South Asia (Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh). Backing his vast and wide ranging experience are his educational qualifications that include a 1st degree in Commerce from Pakistan; a 2nd Joint-Honors Degree in Accounting, Finance & Economics  from University of Essex, UK as a Britannia Chevening Scholar following by Graduate Study & Research in Development Economics at the University of Oxford, UK.

Following his last “corporate” role as Head of Barclays Bank – Abu Dhabi, he entered the field of education at the end of 2010 to join the cause of “making a difference by developing enlightened leadership of tomorrow” with two immediate targets:

  • Developing a curriculum for “practical life and global citizenship effectiveness”
  • Building and implementing best practices in “edu-preneurship”.

He also speaks at international education conferences, sits of the Global Education Conference (USA) Advisory Board, and has been published and recognized as an author, contributing strongly to new research in education development. His works include the following:

  • Preschool Education: Foundation for Life Long Wellbeing (Encyclopaedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals – Quality Education Entry Paper – USA, 2018 in print by Springer)
  • Education for Sustainable Development & Critical Thinking Competency (Encyclopaedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals – Quality Education Entry Paper – USA, 2018 in print by Springer)
  • Getting Smart: Need To Focus On Creating An Enabling Environment Structured Around The Objective Of Realizing The True Potential Of Our Next Generations (Journal on Systematics, Cybernetics and Informatics: JSCI, Volume 14, Number 7 – USA 2016)
  • Educational Crisis in Pakistan: Clear & Present Danger (“International Literacy Day, Finance to Educate More, Session 1: Quantity Vs Quality, Oxfam Pakistan – 2015)
  • Analysing Impact off Formally Taught Life Skills’ Curriculum on Self Esteem and Thinking Skills of Early School Children (The Sixth Asian Conference on Education, Japan – ACE 2014)

A Well-designed Curriculum

“If a child grew up according to the early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Propelling this thought, SOIES Group offers a very challenging academic program. It operates 25 Pre-K to K-12 British & Montessori Curriculum schools in Pakistan & UAE, educating close to 7000 pupils, with focus on delivering high-quality affordable education. In order to achieve this goal, Canadian Oaks Kindergarten follows the below-mentioned strategies:

  • Committed to following the Montessori-inspired curriculum & teacher training based on extensive research;
  • Combining the best international & tested practices for global citizenship skill development;
  • Consistently delivering against a highly distinguishable USP – providing high-quality-learning-focused-affordable cost- education for lifelong wellbeing.

The tailor-made curriculum of the kindergarten integrates knowledge with hands-on skill development.  Standing apart from other preschools, the Montessori-inspired program of this kindergarten focuses on the real needs of children-emotional, intellectual, social, and incorporates a culturally relevant ethos. Montessori method, that has stood the test of time and has existed for over a 100 years, promotes respect for children – a belief that learning is innate and natural and those children are creative, curious and made whole.

Speaking about this education group’s overall mission, its drivers and motivation, MD, SOIES Group adds, “Our intent recognizes that children are the future’s greatest resource & we believe that our most valuable contribution to the community and our world is through developing an enlightened future generation.  The safety, care and education of young children mold their self-esteem and equip them with the ability to find love, happiness and success that last forever. During these formative years, the social, physical, and intellectual functioning of the child is unified. The most important function of our educational & developmental program must be to provide children with strong fundamentals and strong values – Integrity, Courage, Respect, Optimism & Creativity. The foundation we develop must enable children to acquire more specialized knowledge and skills through becoming life-long learners.

We allow these truths & values of this Oakian family to guide every detail in the origination and continuous operation of our institution. Our approach creates happy, learning children who get on-going opportunities for developing social skills, building character, making friends and becoming an enlightened generation of tomorrow.

We are extremely proud & cognizant of our commitment, spanning over a hundred years across five generations, and in expanding our “sphere of enlightened influence”, Silver Oaks Group, as an institution of education, learning & development of future leadership, will continue to be guided by this simple principle of “educating & developing as our own.”

Canadian Oaks Kindergarten, as part of the SOIES Group, makes sure that children develop all the required skills for their further educational and personal journey.  They primarily focus on development areas which include Literacy; Numeracy; Arabic & Holistic Child Development. As a result, the children achieve competencies in Language; Math; Digital Literacy; Listening & Speaking; Problem Solving; Critical Thinking; Confidence; Relationship Building; Manners; and Healthy Living.

Canadian Oaks follows a unique strategy that helps it analyze the progress of its students. It uses a 4-stage Assessment Rubric for pupil feedback: (S1) Novice (I don’t understand yet); (S2) Developing (Sometimes I need help); (S3) Proficient (I can do it myself); (S4) Exceeds (I can do it without mistakes and help others). Completing the distinctive features of Canadian Oaks is its State-of-the-Art & Safe Facilities, which include Swimming Pool, Indoor Activity & Arts Room, tailored Learning Environment in each classroom, Outdoor Play Areas, and a Special therapy room.

“Words of Trust”

“With its legitimate Montessori method of teaching, Canadian Oaks is a hidden gem among the landscape of traditional schools in Dubai. They have a holistic approach to develop the child. A comfortable ratio of kids to teacher ensures that your child’s individual progress is properly addressed and taken into account there is a strong sense of family and cooperation amongst the staff that translates into a nurturing environment for children. Their campus is set on a spacious villa that provides opportunities for play and exploration for the young ones. I couldn’t have made a better choice for my son Phoenix. It is just unfortunate that their curriculum does not go beyond KG2”

-Phoenix’s Mom, Manel C. Bautista

“As a parent, I know that having chosen Canadian Oaks was the best option for my children. They love their school and go every morning with their hearts excited and happy to join their friends. In this place, my children are getting not only learning but also values to grow up independent, loved and happy. The Montessori approach makes a true difference in the learning process. I really appreciate the excellent job that the staffs are doing for my kids. Many thanks.”

-Emilio Carlos Ramirez Daza, Parent

Remarkable Achievements and Accretions

Canadian Oaks Kindergarten’s uniquely focused approach towards the holistic development of a child is validated by SOIES Group’s international recognition, over the years, by a range of internationally accredited bodies. These awards include:

  • Outstanding Contribution in Education for All”, UAE Ministry of Education Sponsored Award 2016 in Dubai, by Global Education Supplies & Solutions (GESS);
  • 21 British Council International School Awards – 9 in the year 2015-16 cycle & 12 in the year 2016-17 cycle;
  • Ranked as the “Best British International Impact School in the World”, it won the British International School Magazine Award (BISA), London, UK in 2018.

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