CANDOR GROUP OF SCHOOLS: Building the Foundation of a Holistic Society
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Candor International School

Amongst many assumptions talks across students, success always rounds up the discussion with diverse viewpoints. Sometimes, success is thought to be academic excellence, sometimes professional achievements or competitive victory, and the list may go on.

But this doesn’t sum up the holistic development of a child!

As the contemporary age of globalized village demands preparedness for future challenges, the conventional mode of schooling and educational practices cannot be promising enough. Hence, nurturing children to become global citizens has become a necessity.

This gives rise to the recent trend where parents opt for an overall learning experience rather than just academic excellence, leading to the rising interest of parents in Boarding Schools. As widely understood that international acumen is going to be the basic need of tomorrow, learning experience in a multicultural diversity along with a global approach that can potentially create a positive change in the present and future generations.

Connecting  these dots of students, teachers, and parents’ aspirations, CANDOR GROUP OF SCHOOL are working diligently to facilitate the best possible education with its unique boarding school facility. CANDOR GROUP is best known for its commitment to students. The school ecosystem offers weekly and  regular boarding facilities, where weekly boarding students can visit home on weekends, and  regular students reside in the campus.

The school very well understands the transformative shift in the world dynamics, and hence it provides a necessity rather than just the contemporary norm. Always being in the global spotlight due to its insightful IB and CBSE curricula, this educational hub has been successfully shaping students’ life and transcending them to their desired success.

Established a decade ago, the CANDOR GROUP works on its philosophy that points out on philosophy that iterates, Every student has the potential to develop into a knowledgeable, confident and responsible global citizen.

Under this umbrella institution, are two schools- Candor International School, Bangalore & Candor NPS, Tirupathi.

Both these institutions are stand-out leaders in the international educational ecosystem of the country in their own way. CANDOR’s credentials include authorisation to deliver both the International Baccalaureate program and the Cambridge curricula. The school was ranked Forbes Great Indian School, first for India for safety and hygiene, third in India for campus architecture, one of the Top 5 Schools in India for day-cum-boarding and as included No. 1 architecture & design in Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh). It also boasts of receiving several honours and distinctions.

Candor International School is a certified as a ‘Green School’ by the Indian Green Building Council.

Such a development of CANDOR in the Indian and global educational space has not been an overnight success. It is the pious effort to enhance educational quality and the cumulative contribution of its key management, teachers, staff, and the trust instilled by parents.

Ensuring to deliver what is expected, from parents, students and teachers, is the Chairman and FounderDr Suresh Reddy. He is one of those educational leaders, dedicated to the betterment of society and willing to take every challenge on his shoulder and drift the transformation to CANDOR GROUP’s advantage!

We crossed paths with Dr Suresh Reddy, in an endeavour to know the educational marvels of CANDOR GROUP. Let’s learn more about this ecosystem along with the stand-out trails of Dr Suresh Reddy, enabling CANDOR GROUP to become the sector’s pioneer.

A Sneak-peak into CANDOR’s Campus

This educational group houses two premium institutions. One is the CANDOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BANGALORE and the other is the CANDOR NPS, TIRUPATI.

CANDOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, established in 2011, has been an attraction to many across the national and international student forums. Spread across 30 acres, south of Bengaluru, the institute is considered among the best boarding schools in Bengaluru. The ambiance around its campus ensures to instill a refreshing experience to students and its teachers too!

Being an authorised school for International Baccalaureate & Cambridge curricula, the school focuses on the child’s holistic development, ensuring to inculcate the virtue of an inquirer, both in school and in the world beyond. This program facilitates education that is an engaging, relevant, challenging, and significant experience.

The school offers an on-campus residential facility, with weekly and regular boarding, for grade 5 to grade 12 students. Weekly boarders reside at the school from Monday to Friday and return home for the weekends, while regular boarders live on campus throughout the academic year.

On parallel lines, CANDOR NPS is a premier residency school started by two stalwarts—National Public School and CANDOR International School.

CANDOR NPS has delivered 60 years of excellence in guiding young  minds, operating in Singapore, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mysore, and now Tirupati gaining increased popularity and appreciation and, of course, being much sought after.

Candor NPS seeks to cultivate lifelong learners who, through respect and intercultural understanding, technology, creativity, cooperation, and an active involvement in community service, become citizens of the world to give back and impact their generation.

Boarding Facility at its Best

CANDOR GROUP has always ensured pace with the rising infrastructural and technological luxury demand. Knowing the same, the institution has a stand-out infrastructure, exciting facilities, and efficient care management for students.

CANDOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL’s hostels are spacious and comfortable and are allocated on a shared basis (two to three per room) to encourage socialisation and promote emotional and mental well-being. Having an eye for detail, the institution ensures it takes care of every need of students. But it doesn’t just stop here!

Experiencing Home: Understanding the importance of filling the void of homely experience, the campus is equipped with some residential facilities, such as a TV room, a common study area, a dining hall to have dinner which offers healthy and in-house cooked meals, and a varied menu to cater to International and Indian boarding students.

A Safe and Secure Ambience: To ensure the safety of students, CANDOR offers CCTV surveillance at all strategic locations and Security – 24×7 Security personnel on campus. Also, the institution assures that background verification for all staff, Emergency Response Team, Infirmary, In-House Nurses 24×7, and Doctor on call is checked through.

Sports and Well-being: Along with such resemblance toa residential ecosystem, inside the campus, the school makes sure that physical activities become an intrinsic part of student’s life. For the same, CANDOR GROUP facilitates sports fields like Artificial Turf Tennis, Basketball, and Football, along with a hi-tech French swimming pool.

Candor NPS School Tirupati offers state-of-the-art facilities for the progressive, child-centric, and holistic development of students.

Dr Suresh Reddy – Leading the school with Transformative Leadership

As the Founder & Chairman of CANDOR GROUP of SCHOOLS, Dr Suresh, firmly believes in taking the leadership with extraordinary vision and unceasing optimism that helps him to turn adversity into opportunity.

A decade ago, when Dr Suresh was in the USA, he envisioned providing ‘International Education’ that is affordable, accessible, holistic, and empowers students with real-world skills. His inspiration has been the children themselves. Opining about his beliefs, Dr. Suresh says, “For the children to succeed, they must learn more moral & ethical integrity coupled with leadership skills. They should help their parents to understand that the world is changing, and children must open up to new and innovative ideas.

Dr Suresh further adds, “The path to success is easy, only if one has the principles like aspiration, desire, dedication, determination, concentration, and the will to learn.”

CANDOR Prioritises Preparing Students for a Better Future

The school’s priorities begin with helping students so that each one of them are known and valued as an individual in his or her own right, and that school life has a meaning and purpose for them. This is being achieved in a variety of ways—the cumulative effect of which is having a very powerful influence on students’ sense of well-being.

Dr. Suresh says, “CANDOR provides students with reliable information and deepens their understanding of the challenges that they face. Students are also provided with the intellectual skills required to reflect critically on these challenges and on the influences that society brings to bear on them, including through peer pressure, advertising, social media, and family and cultural values.”

“Placement of students into the best Universities in India and abroad are a priority for Candor. A college councellor along with the Co-ordinators and Principal help and guide the students to the best suited Universities,” he further adds.

Spearheading CANDOR GROUP with Value-Based Educational Leadership

The value-based leadership that the CANDOR GROUP OF SCHOOL inculcates not only impacts students and their success but also reflects upon the firm standpoint of the institution.

Sharing the core values, Dr Suresh Reddy says, “We create a community of dedicated and spirited learners, and we believe that every child can be nurtured to develop into a knowledgeable, caring, confident, and responsible global citizen.”

The vision of the school group is articulated through the following:

Love of learning through lifelong enquiry.

Respect for diversity of people, faith, culture, and ideas.

Concern for the community at all levels.

Integrity of thought, speech, and action.

Openness to adopting the best models.

Transparency of standards and practices.

The goal of Candor Group is to cultivate lifelong learners who will become global citizens who will make a contribution to and impact their generation through technology, creativity, teamwork, respect and intercultural understanding.

The Chairman & Founder of Candor Group of Schools, Dr. Suresh Reddy, mentions about core values of CANDOR NPS school which offers CBSE curriculum, and says, “In a time of constant social, political, economic, technical, and environmental change, Candor seeks to develop young adults who will act as agents of good change both domestically and abroad, assuring environmental protection and upholding moral and ethical principles.”

Adapting to Modern Pedagogies with a CONSTRUCTIVIST APPROACH

Inside the education sphere, teaching methodologies play a very important role in the academic achievements of students. In order to bridge the gap between academics and industry needs and further the primary objective of an educational ecosystem, this school is paving the way for the holistic development of each and every student.

This objective made CANDOR GROUP introduce the modern teaching method, which is activity-based and centres around the learner’s mind, which involves them entirely in the process of learning. The learner is the main focus of curriculum preparation and teaching in the modern teaching approach. In this manner, students actively engage in the entire process to increase their knowledge and develop their abilities.

On the other hand, the mentor or teacher directs and leads people to concentrate on the subject’s goals. All of this is accomplished through participating in activities and utilising cutting-edge, contemporary teaching methods.This also helps reduce the competition among the students, promotes cooperation, and boost a healthy study environment.

Housing two institutions, CANDOR GROUP has achieved its pedagogic milestones by coupling technology and theoretical excellence. It is amazing to note that CANDOR’s institution at Tirupati—CANDOR NPS has set a new milestone in the educational world.

In active participation with Senses Electronics Pvt. Ltd, in both the schools, CANDOR endeavours to leverage technology for the betterment of the students. Its Intelligent Interactive Panel Board (IIP) is the modern replacement for the traditional Blackboard. This facilitates the ease of writing, drawing, and annotating on the screen with the easiest of tools.

Taking the technology leadership ahead with educational excellence, CANDOR believes that when children spend time with teachers and forge a positive and trusting relationship, they learn best and share their intuitions and passions unbridled.

Creating an Ecosystem—Inclusive, Progressive and Success Oriented

The CANDOR Ecosystem can be best defined with the learning approach of Dr Suresh Reddy. He quotes, “Teaching is not a spectator sport, neither is learning.”

He mentions that CANDOR focuses on the interactive engagement of students. This is achieved through multiple activities.Adding up, he opines, “Students can never learn enough just by sitting in the classroom and listening to their teachers, as well as spitting out prepared answers or memorising pre-defined assignments. One of the key factors of a learning project’s success is engagement.”

Upon further interaction, we found that CANDOR has introduced an astounding model of student engagement that efficiently focuses on:

  • Creative: Drama, Model United Nations, and Young Entrepreneurship Program.
  • Clubs: Dance, Robotics, CANMUN, Gardening, Literacy, Science/Environment, Karate, Needle Work/Sewing, Music, Joy of giving, Labour Day, Community Service, and a few more are all part of the curriculum and real-world applications.
  • Tap into student’s prior knowledge.
  • Learn students’ interests.
  • Organise classroom discussions.
  • Design highly relevant learning activities.
  • Integrate Modern Technology.
  • Provide Timely and Regular Feedback in Terms of Progress.
  • After all, a good learning pattern is beneficial for both the teachers and students, and Candor brings positive outcomes for everyone associated with the course.

Empowering Students with a Global Approach

In the contemporary educational scenario, it has become important that academics and co-curricular activities infuse students with the soft skills required in international corporates. To ensure that every student is prepared for varied future endeavours, CANDOR follows an international curriculum and has elements of international education woven into its teaching and learning experience in the Tirupati school also.

Candor has introduced the IB & Cambridge curricula for the students in Bangalore and CBSE in Tirupati. The Boarding schools provide state-of-the-art student support facilities such as academic counsellors, sports and art areas, safe and comfortable study spaces and home-like living arrangements. Coupling both facilities provide CANDOR’s students with an opportunity to gain by studying in vibrant and intellectually challenging setups.

Even the teachers in a boarding school are selected amongst the best in the country. Many have international teaching experiences too that bring in a varied perspective to the pedagogy. CANDOR incorporates all of these for its students.

“At Candor, students are prepared by fostering creativity. The institution makes them understand about how failure is the key to success and helps them with their leadership & communication skills. Candor teaches them about the world’s cultures, customs, global responsibilities and many more!” expresses the Founder Chairman—Dr Suresh.

Dr Suresh adds, “Many people feel that education is the only way to a better future. However, this isn’t true because it takes more than an excellent education to achieve success and happiness. Students need strong values, or they will not be able to succeed in life outside of school. For students to face their future, they need to communicate and work together with other people. Candor aims at how to extract knowledge from the existing arena and how to create new knowledge for adapting to the ever-changing work conditions.”

Parents as Partners

Learning begins at birth. From this point on, every parent is essential to their child’s education. When the child enters school, this role remains the same. In order for the students’ education to go as fully and smoothly as possible, Candor Schools try to establish close relationships with both the students and their parents,” quotes the Founder.

Having a shared goal with parents, CANDOR always leaves no stone turned to incorporate the best value and skills in students. This mutually helps CANDOR and every student’s parent to prepare their ward for the future to overcome multiple obstacles and innumerable roadblocks. Taking a positive step, this Group of Schools believes that “A child will progress more than one who believes that home and school are two different worlds if they see their parent actively participating and being supportive of the school.”

To ensure so, the school welcomes all parents to become involved in the life of their child at school.

Such a stand-out ecosystem promotes a healthy relationship between teachers and parents. Similar to a transparent, healthy, and growth-promoting ecosystem, the teaching staff at CANDOR School in Bangalore and Tirupati are available for individual consultations with parents after school hours by appointment to discuss their child’s various aspects, such as academic, co-curricular, personal, and social development.

Driving Education into the Future

CANDOR’s commitment to the future can be very easily predicted by its resilient effort that ensures that every learner develops as a whole person.

The school management desires that students fulfil their potential and help shape a shared future built on the well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet.

To get such a vision of CANDOR into reality, its curricula teaching and learning already extend well beyond the classroom, and Dr Suresh is ensuring that, with the changing trend of quality education, students are empowered and enabled to seize the opportunity that is thrown their way.

“There are two factors to help and empower the learners. The first is a customised learning environment that encourages and supports each student to develop their passions, connect various learning opportunities and experiences, and create their own learning projects and processes with others. Building a strong foundation is the second step, and literacy and math continue to be essential. Digital literacy and data literacy, as well as physical health and mental well-being, are becoming increasingly important in the age of digital transformation and the emergence of big data,” concludes the Founder Chairman—Dr Suresh.

Awards and Accolades

  • Candor International School is ranked No.7 in India.
  • Ranked #2 in Karnataka & Ranked #2 in Bengaluru.
  • #4 in India | #1 in Karnataka & Bengaluru for Excellence in Blended Learning in the Education World.
  • Grand Jury India School Rankings 2021-22.India’s #1 for Academic Reputation (Education Today 2020-21).
  • #5 in India | #2 in Karnataka & Bengaluru | Category- India’s.
  • ‘Top 20 Day-Cum-Boarding Schools’ in a survey conducted by Education Today Ranked #1 in Innovation in Education and Best Curriculum Design by Education Today 2021-22.
  • Category- ‘India’s Top 20 International Schools’ in a survey conducted by education Today.
  • Forbes Great Indian School (2018-19) & featured in 13th Anniversary Special, Forbes India, 2022.
  • Top International Day cum Boarding School (TOI, EW, Careers360)
  • Ranked #1 in India for Safety & Hygiene
  • Ranked #3 in India for Campus & Architecture
  • Ranked #7 in India for Design & Architecture (Candor NPS).

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