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Carol Morgan School
Carol Morgan School

With diverse islands, scenic beauty, pristine bodies of water, palm trees, the sun and sand, the Caribbean has always been a tourist’s delight. Yet it is more than just tourism. The Caribbean has been witness to rapid growth in the education field.

One such school that has been relentlessly providing quality education and setting an example for others to emulate is the Carol Morgan School. With a remarkable legacy, Carol Morgan School is constantly evolving.

Carol Morgan School is a world-class international school with more than 85 years of rich history which is proud to host over 1,200 students representing more than 38 countries. The school’s learning community strives to educate leaders of a multicultural, global society.

History and Metamorphosis

It all began in the autumn of 1933, when Mrs. Carol Morgan and her missionary husband Barney Morgan were confronted with the task of providing an English Language/American curriculum education for their children in Santo Domingo. Since this need could not be met in the Dominican Republic at that time, Carol Morgan was determined to start her own school. From the inception of the school, the guiding principle was to bring children together for companionship, competition, and a systematic education. Her school was first called The Little School or the Santo Domingo Calvert School (from the Calvert Curriculum system) and was originally housed in an abandoned Episcopal Chapel with Mrs. Morgan and two other women comprising the entire teaching staff.

The school began with only five students and one room, as well as donated blackboards and supplies from the International Hospital and the Evangelical church, with each student being responsible for his or her own desk and chair. In 1949, Carol Morgan returned with her family to the United States. That same year, in appreciation of her tireless efforts on the school’s behalf, the name of the school was officially changed to Carol Morgan School (CMS). Carol Morgan passed away in 1993.

The growth of CMS during the ensuing years required expanded space with the school moving multiple times. However, in 1964, Carol Morgan School was fortunate to have the present site donated to the school. In addition to the land, the school received donated construction materials such as bricks and cement from the U.S. Embassy through the American Ambassador. Since those initial days of the CMS current school site, significant new construction, renovations, enhancements, and improvements have been made.


The Carol Morgan School is a private, secular, non-profit, college-preparatory school that instills a passion for learning, builds character and inspires civic and social responsibility. Incorporating a rigorous, U.S. curriculum and advanced technology, CMS empowers students to become leaders of a multicultural, global society. The Carol Morgan School will maintain its lead as a world-class international school.


Founded in Integrity, Focused on Learning.


Committed to excellence in all that it does, the Carol Morgan School provides an outstanding standards-based academic program, within the framework of the best research-based educational practices and with a focus on continuous improvement. The varied international student body receives an immersion English language program.

The philosophy and objectives of the school support a U.S. curriculum enhanced by the rich culture of the Dominican Republic. CMS welcomes families from all countries knowing that this association of students of different backgrounds and religions will help them develop a clear understanding of the global world in which they live.

CMS programs stress the worth and dignity of all students and provide them the opportunities to progress intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically to their greatest potential.

CMS Essential 11: Profile of a Graduate

The school believes in a safe, supportive learning community in which challenges are met with respect, compassion and enthusiasm to foster achievement of potential and expand personal and collective excellence. CMS students acquire an academic foundation of required skills, knowledge and achievement that leads them to:

  • Be lifelong learners with global perspectives
  • Possess bilingual skills within the English and Spanish languages
  • Be aware and reflective of their varied strengths, demonstrating confidence, motivation, and self-discipline
  • Be inquisitive, demonstrating critical and analytical thinking
  • Demonstrate multicultural sensitivity and respect for differences
  • Be “fit for life” demonstrating physical, emotional, and social well-being
  • Demonstrate respect for our natural world and conservation of our global resources
  • Be innovative producers and informed consumers
  • Adapt to emerging technologies, ethically applying them to new and future settings
  • Demonstrate responsibility and sound judgment, making informed choices for personal balance and community improvement
  • Listen, lead, and work collaboratively to solve problems locally and globally

Continuing the Legacy and Success

Nicolaas Mostert is the Head of School at CMS and has been the driving force in continuing the school’s legacy. He has 30 years of experience in education having served in various institutions around the world. “I am very proud and honored to be part of this amazing community of CMS Sharks for the past eight years and to be serving as Head of School for the past three year,” says Nicolaas.

Another key component of the school’s success is the Board of Directors, which is elected by the parent community. In accordance with the CMS philosophy and mission, the Board sets the policies which govern the school. It consists of eight voting members and four ex-officio members. All members are current CMS parents with the exception of the Past Board President and the US Embassy Representative.

Academic Curriculum

CMS provides a U.S. Curriculum accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, as well as the College Board Advanced Placement courses for its High School students.

Holistic Approach

CMS strives to provide high quality education, technological innovation, and numerous options for elective and Advanced Placement courses.

The school understands that all students learn in different ways and pace, providing differentiated instruction from Pre-Kinder through 12th grade to ensure the overall development of all students. CMS also has an Optimal Learning Center which provides learning support, accommodations, curriculum modifications and/or appropriate challenges for students that would benefit from this program to keep moving forward.

The school’s international community, which includes families and staff, promotes the understanding of being part of a global society. CMS students learn from different cultures and create lifelong friendships from all around the world.

“We are fortunate to have an extensive campus in the city which provides our students the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom in a variety of outdoor learning spaces, and to explore within the safe grounds of our school surrounded by nature,” says the Head of School.

Counselling for Overall Growth

The Counseling team works alongside students, parents, and teachers to guarantee students take time to explore and learn from different domains outlined by the International Model for School Counseling: academic, personal/social, career, and global perspective. This program provides the opportunity for all students to strengthen their unique capabilities and enables them to participate as responsible citizens in a global society.

In HS, students receive support with self-understanding, decision making, and relating to others, as well as with obtaining information about course selection, careers, further education (learning about top colleges and universities around the world), and with the college application process.

Matter of Pride

CMS has been recognized for being innovative, having a strong Technology program which has received several merits in local and international robotics competitions such as FIRST Lego League and FIRST Robotics Competition, winning prestigious awards.

The school’s Fine Arts program provides knowledge, skills, and attributes for students to experience and learn. From Pre-Kinder through 12th grade, students have the opportunity to discover instrumental and vocal music, visual arts, dance, and theater. The program offers a variety of performances and showcases as well as local and international trips to various exhibitions and inter-collegiate festivals. The school band and choir programs have received a special recognition from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Carol Morgan School has demonstrated strong adaptability while continuing to offer high quality education. “We are extremely proud of our entire CMS community for making our Distance Learning Plan a great success during these challenging times due to COVID-19,” says the Head of School.

Please click here to see a very special video message from the CMS Leadership to its community.

Looking Ahead

The school has just completed its Strategic Plan for the next 3 to 5 years and it will continue to provide a high quality educational program based on academic excellence and a transformative student experience for its diverse student community. The school is also in the final stages of the next 15 to 20-year facilities master plan. The purpose of the master plan is to ensure that the campus and facilities are designed, built and improved with the students and community interests and needs in mind. Creating a harmonious, future oriented, versatile, safe, sustainable, operationally efficient and integrated environment that focuses on what is best for the students and their learning experiences at Carol Morgan School.

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