How are Consultancies Helping People get Selected in their Dream Universities?
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Badri Aryal

Education consultancies help students analyze their potential and feed them with the most reliable information to realize their dreams of studying in the university of their choice. The choice of universities is not limited to borders and continents anymore. Students from the very east of China travel to study in the elite universities of the far west and vice-versa, and education consultancies make these transitions smooth. Education consultancies are equipped with several years of expertise and an ample amount of relevant information to guide their students for the best practices in education.

Dream University

A dream university for a student could be anything from an average university to one of the world’s highest-ranked universities. Each student is unique and has a certain level of academic capability along with other skills. So, a student must select the university that resonates with their academics, personality, and long-term goals. Students sometimes lack the understanding of the importance of selecting the university that is the best for them. Education consultancies analyze a student’s personality, inclinations, potential, and skills to provide them with the advice that best suits their goals.

Beyond Country Borders

People are more than willing to cross country borders for better education and lucrative prospects. Willingness, however, is not enough to fulfil this aspiration. Getting selected in one’s dream university takes hard work, determination, and a whole lot of paperwork, and this is where the consultancies help to make the process smooth. It is exhausting for students to get all the paper works done to perfection when they already have their plates full with challenging selection criteria and high academic cut-offs. The highly skilled team at the consultancies takes responsibility for all the formalities and paperwork and sorts everything out for the students. Travelling to a foreign country for higher education needs meticulous planning, and a good education consultant can help you do exactly that.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

More often than not, students need financial assistance to study abroad. The education consultancies play a key role in helping students get the financial aid they need. The students are not always aware of the types of scholarships they are eligible for. The rigorous research that goes into finding out every small detail may take a toll on students leading them to give up halfway. Education consultancies’ role as an agent for various universities comes in handy while applying for scholarships. As agents, the consultancies get updates on the types of scholarships the universities are offering. They further have access to the crucial information required to meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarships. Getting a scholarship lifts off the financial burden on the students, and they can continue smoothly with their studies.

Role of an Agent

Education consultancies partner with several universities and play the role of an agent for both the students and the university. As agents, they must look out for the best interest of both students and the university. This implies that both the student and the university get the best out of one another. Similarly, the consultancies must stand out among their contemporaries, pushing them to work harder and render top-notch service to the students. Education consultancy is a thriving service industry that flourishes further when the students’ dream of getting selected in their dream university is fulfilled. Hence, the consultancies are always working towards achieving that.

More than an Agent

The role of a consultancy is not simply restricted to helping students get selected in their dream University. They provide support to the students in every step of the way throughout their educational journey. International students need assistance in finding the right accommodation to fit their needs and various other support services. The majority of the international students work part-time to support their financial needs. Thus, a good consultancy ensures they do everything in their capacity to make the life of the student convenient in a foreign land. In case of any adversities, the students can always rely on their consultancy to help them.

To conclude, numerous education consultancies are running and thriving worldwide due to the exceptional service they provide to their students. Quality education is key to a successful future, and with globalization, each individual can dream of a bigger and better university to study at. These dreams need a solid backup, and that is where the education consultancies come in. Yes, an individual may not always need a consultant, but when there is an option for a hassle-free and smooth way, why not? Education consultancies have helped thousands of students realize their dreams of studying in the university of their choice and will continue to do so.

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Badri Aryal is the founder and director of Expert Education and Visa Services. He came to Australia as an international student in 1996. He completed his Diploma of IT from TAFE NSW and Bachelor of IT course from Central Queensland University. Upon completion of his studies, Mr. Badri started working in the IT field. Whenever he and his business partner met, they discussed their struggles and the difficulties they had to face when coming to Australia as a student. To share their learning experiences and assist international students in settling in Australia, they incorporated Expert Education & Visa Services in 2003.

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