CBSE asks schools to hold exams for students failed in Class 9 and 11

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) directed the schools to conduct an exam for those who failed in Classes 9 and 11. Schools may agree on an online, offline or creative test and may agree to encourage it on the basis of the result, as specified in the official notification.

In a recent note, CBSE explained, “Schools are being misled stating that till the time Rukmini Devi Public School versus CBSE filed in High Court of Delhi is not disposed of there is no need of complying the notification by schools” and told the schools not to accept this and instead to expand the privilege to class 9 and 11 students.

CBSE had earlier agreed to promote Class 1 to 8-grade students, while Class 9 and Class 11 students were to be promoted to the next level on the basis of internal school evaluations. If a student fails to perform an internal assessment, they will be given a second chance now.

Recently, CBSE quashed 10 and 12th standard exams on the Supreme Court’s rulings. The Board has gone for different assessment approaches for candidates depending on the number of tests they have completed. The outcomes of the board assessments will be announced by 15 July.

Although parents and students are seeking a shortened syllabus for the next academic year, CBSE has decided to launch many new courses, including a novel ‘applied mathematics’ class for Class 11 and 12 students, as an elective course for the coming academic year 2021.

Applied mathematics will cover mathematics awareness in the fields of business, economics, and social sciences in two years of classes 11 and 12, as stated by the CBSE.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence (AI), design thinking, physical activity trainer will be introduced as part of skills training. Such courses will be eligible from Class 11 onwards. CBSE currently provides 17 secondary-level subjects and 37 secondary-level subjects.

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