IIT-Madras launches online diploma, BSc in programming and data science, admission without JEE

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has introduced an online diploma and BSc program in computer science and programming. The course will be taught online, while the evaluation of the course, including the exams, will be conducted in offline mode. There is no age limit for the course and students who have passed class 12 can also take it up.

Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT Madras said that the goal of the institute is to attract a greater number of students through these courses. The course has several entrances and exit points. Students may receive a credential, diploma, and degree depending on where they complete the school. After completing class 12, students will have to take a foundation course, while those with a college degree can enroll directly at the graduation level.

Students will graduate with a certificate after finishing a foundation-level course, and a diploma will be earned after one year, and a degree can be awarded after completion of three years. The training has been split into six semesters.

The curriculum, the IIT says, is developed with the aid of the industry. First-year candidates must study basic programming and data science. While in the diploma year, skills classes and the application of these classes will be taught, and students will learn about specializations in the final level. A BSc degree will be offered at the end of three years.

Students who earn the minimum necessary scores in the weekly assignments within four weeks will be given the qualifying test. All those who earn the minimum necessary scores in the qualifying test are eligible to register for the foundation level courses in as per the regulations.

The Minister of Human Resources Development (HRD) said, when unveiling the program, that it is the first-ever truly online graduate program and that it is committed to all Indian students.

Interested candidates can join the course by visiting onlinedegree.iitm.ac.in. Applications will be opened shortly, and the closing date will be 15 September.

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