CBSE is All Set to introduce ‘Easier’ Mathematics Paper from 2020
‘Easier’ Mathematics Paper from 2020 | Education Magazine

The country’s apex body that governs the school education in most of the part of India i.e. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has announced the introduction of two levels of mathematics exams from 2020. The CBSE will design two sets of papers- one will be the same as the existing one and will be known as Mathematics Standard, while the other one is somewhat easier than the former one and will be know­­n as Mathematics Basic.

Students based upon their aptitude, ability, and career inclination can choose either of one of the two levels suggested by the CBSE. This liberty will reduce significant pressure from the students and help them sail through the exam more swiftly. Since there is a significant portion of students who after 10th choose a non-science career and do not require that much higher expertise in mathematics as far as their non-science career path is concerned.

However, students who will be willing to move to a science-related career can opt for the standard level exam. Further, the curriculum, topics, chapters and internal assessment would be same for both the levels.

This system will also provide many other liberties to its students. For e.g. if a student fails in Mathematics Standard exam then such student will have the choice to sit for Mathematics Basic or Mathematics Standard exam at the time of compartment test. While a student who fails in Mathematics Basic exam can sit for its re-exam.

Quoting NCF 2005, Position Paper by National Focus Group on Examination Reforms, CBSE has stated that this initiative, which will provide students some elements of choice and help them cope up with the pressure of Mathematics at the time of final examination.

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