ChatGPT and AI are pioneering education

The transformation of education by ChatGPT and AI can be seen in various ways. These technologies are bringing in innovative changes to the traditional education system, making it more engaging, personalised, and accessible to students all over the world.

ChatGPT and AI influence on Education

Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades, but its impact on education has been limited due to the lack of accessibility and affordability. However, in the last 4 months, access to AI and ChatGPT has become more widespread and affordable, creating a huge wave in education.

The pandemic forced educators to adopt new and innovative teaching methods to engage with their students during remote learning. However, without intuitive tools, both teachers and students struggle.

The recent advancements in AI have revolutionised the teaching and learning process, allowing teachers to create customised learning plans, automate assessments, and provide personalised feedback.

Chatbots can help improve academic performance through learning interfaces entailing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and reduce dropout rates by providing students with personalised support and guidance by bridging the gap between students and educators, making it easier for students to receive the assistance they require to succeed.

Furthermore, enabling students to receive advanced learning experiences, interactive content, and real-time access to educational resources. These developments have the potential to improve education on a global scale.

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