Chitkara International School: The Torchbearer of Futuristic Education with International Standard

The institution is one of the most sought after schools in the country and emerging as a school of Research, Innovation, Knowledge with its Application to the real needs of the Global World.

The society is changing and so are the people’s lives. With this change and modern approach, Indian education system is also going through a drastic transformation. The importance of International standard schools are now new demands of the young minds, To serve education to those young minds with the right approach emerged, Chitkara International School known to help children develop a perception on the world around and push their thinking both innovatively and conceptually numerous areas. Small group instruction, personalized attention for all the learners, flipped classrooms, blended learning, self-directed learning allow teachers to thoroughly and assess them during their work.

Chitkara International School stand for the combination of supreme intellect, innovation, research, distinctive collaboration; righteous assessments and global industry connect. CIS is accredited by the Quality Council of India (QCI) after being assessed and found to be complying with the NABET requirement as per Accreditation Standard for Quality School Governance.

Learning and Innovative Infrastucture

The institution believes, good infrastructure is a pre-requisite for quality education. The campus is centrally air conditioned and aesthetically designed where students can learn and strive to achieve their best. The campus is spread over 3.65 acres of land, allotted by Chandigarh Administration. It has a well-equipped Science and Technology Labs. The campus also comprises a unique brain shaped auditorium named Coliseum Theatre. Likewise, there is a tree house in the school campus which is being used in story telling sessions and creative spaces such as karaoke station, the dance studio, the music factory and art studios. Undoubtedly the school was recognised as the Best School in Infrastructure by Digital Learning.

Guiding the Future with Exceptional Teaching, Learning & Assessment Methods

An institution is known by its teaching methods and curriculum conducts. The assessment framework of Chitkara is designed not to test the child but as a great learning experience to the child and value addition to what he has learnt so far. On the basis of Classical Test Theory, Item Response theory, Partial Credit model, Scoring Weight Scores (SWS), Confidence Level Rating etc. the institute escalate to know the true score of the learner. The learning framework has been designed after an attempt to study the psychology of varied learners and their possible learning styles. The learning involves a unique blend of teacher talk time (TTT) and student talk time (STT) where the TTT is 30% and the STT is 70%.

The same time teaching framework is creating a flexible yet a resourceful teaching framework incorporating unique processes of inquiry, eliciting, presentation, controlled practice, free practice, Weaving, Chaining, Drilling, Error correction, Feeding etc. as part of the teaching process for which the faculty is rigorously trained. Starting from planning a lesson to ensuring that the child has been able to learn a concept, this institution takes care of everything.

The technology framework is spread all over the school whether academically or otherwise. It not just covers the scholastic part but also extends its scope beyond academics thus becoming a powerful catalyst for pedagogical change by introducing TEK -8” a complete technology curriculum comprising of 7 modules namely Computer Science, Electronics, Mobile technology, Automobiles, Robotics, Household technology, Energy Management.

The Tender Guidance and Staunch Management

The organogram of Chitkara International School is steered by Madhu Chitkara, the Chairperson of the institute. With the noble thoughts of her, today the institution is getting the due respect. After the successful establishment, the responsibility is shared by Niyati Chitkara, who is the current Principal of the school. Apart from her, Honey Chitkara the Vice Principal of the institution is being the key fundament who reflects a formidable vision to make the school reach the zenith of its success. As the Vice Principal of the school, she is a believer in individual talent, a dynamic and committed leader and a conscientious human being has revamped the real meaning of education.

Revolutionary Curriculum

For Chitkara, innovation in curriculum comes with a research-based academic structure. It grooms students for tertiary education, foster future employment and ingrain spirit of entrepreneurship. At Chitkara, teachers as architects, learning designers and innovators offer wide range of opportunities and programs that enables the students to confidently participate in the diverse student community. The team knows that active industry-academic interface is required to achieve the goal of grooming “industry ready” students who are well rounded and quick learners.

Establishing Milestones

The campus has been ranked among the top 10 schools of the country for the best infrastructure. At the same time Chitkara International School, enters into the coveted League of Futuristic Schools of India 2018 and has also won ‘Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Acclamation’ by ReTHINK INDIA, for Internationalization of India’s Education 2018. CIS feels privileged to be among the Top 50 Future Schools in India under the National Category, awarded by Univariety & Fortune India. It has also ranked amongst top 5 Co-ed School in Education World India School Rankings 2017-18.

Words of Trust by Students

Having spent so many years in Chitkara International School, I can affirm that the institution practices what it preaches. The motto of the school “Explore Your Potential” is very well visible under practice in the form of abundant of activities (academic & co-curricular) and clubs which bring the best out of the pupils.             

Ishiqa Sharma

                 Grade 11th Humanities

The school also prepares its students for the life ahead; it gives students the skills needed for university, college, or the workplace. It empowers us with critical thinking skills. However that’s not all; school also teaches us how to be socially interactive- an essential life skill in the 21st century. In Chitkara International School, you learn how to learn.

                                             Shubham Vashisht

Grade 12th Humanities

Chitkara International School' is a perfect place to learn and grow. A school with fascinating infrastructure, advanced technology and highly qualified teaching staff located at the heart of the city beautiful. The school provides all the opportunities to the students to support the future educational prospects.

Akshita Verma

Grade 12th Commerce

Leading the Trail

By winning a number of awards and achievements Chitkara International School has proven that, it has the potential to be the best. As a matter of fact, the brand has conscious to take the importance of international education to the next level and for that, it is trying to add to the curriculum and study process to become the only choice of India’s international standard of education.

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