Anubhuti School: Fostering Talents with World-class Education

The mission of the school is to create a learning environment conducive to nurturing learners and educators to be creative, capable, compassionate and equanimous citizens of character with the global outlook.

An institution that devotes to bringing world-class education not only to fulfill academic goals, but to reach the point of standing tall to prove to be successful in all terms of life, Anubhuti School is set, to let the dream of young eyes fly free, and soar high to touch the zenith of success.

Where Dream and Reality Meet

Tucked away amid the sprawling and lush green 100-acre campus lit with 80000 trees, Anubhuti School welcomes seekers of education with open arms. A well-equipped school with various facilities, like the playgrounds for Cricket, Badminton, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Skating and Tennis, Table-tennis, Kabbadi, along with open gym spread right up to the Academic block. The amphitheater, the nerve-centre of Cultural activities, nestles among the sporting facilities.

The main school building starts at Saraswati Point. The academic area has structures to facilitate Arts & Crafts, Music, Dance, an Innovation Centre for STEM projects, the Assembly Hall, spacious classrooms and laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers, Geography and Mathematics. The Library Complex is a massive structure accommodating more than 10,000 books, with a Digital Library, Examination Halls, a Smart-room, a Conference Hall and an Auditorium. The best feature of the school is an eco-friendly infrastructure judiciously ventilated for unblocked oxygenation. Anubhuti believes in experiential learning that doesn’t restrict learners inside classrooms but encourages them to explore the ever-gratifying possibilities of practical learning.

The spacious Dining Hall serves nutritious vegetarian food.  Hostels for boys and for girls spread to the right and left of the Dining Hall. There are separate infirmaries for boys and girls under the care of Resident Medical Officers.

The little hillock accommodates the Weather-station, Naturopathy Centre and the Meditation Hall which is at the highest point which gives a visitor a 360° breathtaking view.

The Craftsman of the Fertile Minds

Holding the hands of Shri Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain, the Founder Chairman of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Anubhuti School started its journey. He is a man of ideas which created big revolutions. He practiced what he preached, building his entire business on a foundation of inclusiveness and sustainability.

Though he is the son of the soil, by sheer dint of hard work, he established a billion-dollar multinational corporation (JISL), which is the world’s second largest drip irrigation company.  He believed in quality education with sound values. This residential school follows modern education by retaining Indian customs and values.

He believed that poverty shouldn’t prevent deserving children from education so he established another school for the underprivileged.

His tireless perseverance helped him found the mammoth Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF) to spread Gandhian ideas among the younger generations.

A much sought-after public speaker, he mesmerized a number of stalwarts with his oratory skills at Harvard University on agriculture. Four universities have conferred honorary doctorates on his contribution to Agriculture. The nation recognized his work and awarded him the Padma Shri in 2008. He authored several books including “Tee ani Mee”.

From the Desk of Achievements

The school has some outstanding students most of who are still pursuing Medicine, IIT, CA and some are studying in foreign universities. It has already created a couple of entrepreneurs who will make their mark sooner than later.

Magazines like Education World, Careers 360, Brainfeed and Great Places to Study have given the school a very high rating. The most noteworthy among the awards is the ‘Green School Award’ given by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) which the school team received from the hands of the then President Smt Pratibhatai Patil and the other is ‘Earthian’, handed over by Shri Azim Premji of WIPRO. Anubhuti sportspersons regularly represent Maharashtra at the ISC & ICSE Nationals.

We are committed to exposing students to world-class amenities. Eminent personalities, both from India and abroad, are invited: the list includes the former Mauritius President, Aneroodh Jugnauth, Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Prof Mashelkar, Amjad Ali Khan and Hema Malini to name a few,” says the Director.

Also, since it is only a 10 year-old-school most of the promising students will be blossoming into great beings with infinite talent in the near future.

Words of Trust

Anubhuti—my journey to this experience started long back when I was a kid, but what I am now is just because of this journey. I came here with a fear: “How will I survive here?” But Anubhuti and I accepted each other spectacularly. Academic engagement has augmented my thought process unearthing my talents. Life in Anubhuti thrives on creating entrepreneurs.

Ronak Dhoot, Class XII

Life at Anubhuti brings out one’s true potential. My experience at Anubhuti has helped me grow as a person. The rich culture and high values passed on to the school by the founder has become the foundation stone for every child here at Anubhuti. Learning at Anubhuti has helped me prepare for life. The extensive opportunities at Anubhuti make one ready for the challenges of the future. This school has made me confident yet careful, ambitious yet responsible, a global person yet Indian at heart.  

Anjali Palod, Class XII

Buckling Up for Better Future

From time to time different seminars are conducted and guest lectures arranged to address students on diverse topics. The school is also partnering with ‘Univariety’, an organization that gives professional career guidance. It goes to the extent of advising the courses a student can pursue, identifies the colleges or other organizations the student can approach. Students are also given the opportunity of witnessing AGM of JISL and experiencing firsthand how a company conducts its deliberations.

All-in-all, these thoughtfully-planned interactions expose the students to vagaries of many life-skills that ultimately add robust potency to every student’s growth. The school has some more futuristic plans to achieve recognition as the best school of India that crafts the minds of the future of the nation.

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