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The first term at the University can be hard for new graduate students to manage. New people and new place can make the first few weeks of living incredibly daunting to some of them, whether they are used to living away from home or not.

According to the research which reported last year that 27% of freshers either dropped out by January or were trying to do so by the summer. Even, 12 November has been labelled as “University defection day,” a point in the academic year when first-year students are most likely to leave their courses.

Simply putting, if you are worried about your university or your course, you should be rest assured because you are definitely not alone, and you may find your neighbor in the hall feeling the same exact way. But even if you have assurance, what can be done if you are in this situation?

Well, most of the students who drop out of universities do so because they do not settle on their course which ultimately leads to unhappiness in many areas resulting in failing the first year. However, you can stick to it until the end of the term and give yourself the best possible chance of making it through. You can then think about it in the first week of the Christmas holidays. If the thoughts of returning to the universities haven’t changed, then it’s best to take stock and leave it.

In brief, either you can drop out or stay at the same university by switching to another department, depending on wherever there is space. Seeking advice from the counsellor or personal tutor about your option is the best plan, if you are happy at the university and have made some friends. But if you have less love for the university and haven’t really settled, then it’s best to make a move that too with the following steps.

You can change the university by applying via UCAS and in some cases, directly. But it is best to contact and visit the universities before making any application, ensuring that it as the perfect fit for you. There are some universities that admit students in January each year and also do not worry about the finance because all will not be lost. You can always take a loan from the Students Loan Companies if you have made a false start.

If you do switch your courses and start again, then it will not cause you any problems in the long term because you will be happier in the both terms and will have a future of your own choice.


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