College Champittet: Guiding Students towards Zeniths of Excellence

We can all agree that education is vital for us to prosper in this world. It is what molds us in responsible individuals and forges a path for us to our dream destinations. However, education without proper guidance is detrimental. Without tutors who are passionate about teaching, about the welfare of their students. These people who desire to see their pupils attain the zeniths of success, education that society has wouldn’t have prevail.

Education without teachers is incomprehensible. Without them, even the abundant resources and tools at individual disposal are ineffective. The Chinese proverb, ‘a load of books does not equal one good teacher’ perfectly illustrates their existence and the huge role they play in building our personal and professional lives. Hence, we at the Knowledge Review while seeking ‘Switzerland’s 10 Most Valuable Schools for 2019’ have found institutions where teachers not only teach their students to be prepared for their professional journey but also nurture them with values that developed them into responsible citizens of the world.

One such institution that we are enthralled to unveil to you is College Champittet, one of the esteemed schools of Nord Anglia Education (NAE) family of schools. College Champittet, with its highly experienced and dedicated staff offers students education based on values and a tradition of academic excellence.

The school not only prepares the impactful leaders of tomorrow, who are confident in their academic abilities but also endows them with social skills such as a sense of collaboration, empathy, constructive leadership, and curiosity about the world.

How it all Began

College Champittet a private school in the vicinity of Lausanne, was founded in 1903 by a group of Dominican Fathers from France. Their stewardship of the private school lasted nearly 50 years.

In 1960, College Champittet became a Swiss private school welcoming over 600 students, including several boarding students. Increased demand for places encouraged the school to open another school building. By the year 1984, the school opened its doors to girls for the first time. A second school was then inaugurated in Nyon in 2004, 20 km from Geneva. Now the school has a capacity of enrolling 800 students.

Distinct Courses

At College Champittet Pully, the school offers its secondary school students a choice of three diploma programs for high school. These include: the Swiss Maturite, the French Baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma). Each of the diploma programs is internationally renowned and recognized by top universities around the world.

For the International students who are French beginners, the school offers them an option to integrate the FLE (French Foreign Language ) program into their course of study. Also for IB students who may need support in English can benefit from EAL support (English as an Additional Language). Along with these, College Champittet has embraced the learning of 21st-century technology, providing primary and secondary classes with iPads as part of a mobile classroom initiative in partnership with the tech company Apple.

Being a part of a global network (NAE), the school’s teachers benefit from the support of this network of world-leading teaching professionals and education experts. With them, its staff collaborate to ensure that the highest levels of education are provided for the children.

The Leading Light

Since Spring 2015, the school is being successfully headed by none other than College Champittet alumnus, Philip de Korodi, the Managing Director.

He is conscious of both academic exigences and the market needs and is giving a fresh start to the school. Under his leadership, the students are able to reach the best results at the exams, grow up to be the best way as individuals and obtain confidence in their capacity to improve the world.

Extracurricular Activities

Above and beyond teaching, and in collaboration with parents, College Champittet aims to contribute to the holistic education of the young minds by academic performance and physical and artistic balance along with spiritual and philosophical reflection. One such way the school strives to achieve this desire is by introducing extracurricular activities.

College Champittet offers an extensive range of sports clubs mainly due to a close connection with the Olympic Games. It also shares many values with the Olympic Movement and draws this connection to raise awareness of Olympism and its respective values among its students.

Along with sports, the school conducts cultural activities such as singing and theatre, and language classes. Furthermore, outings and trips provide an excellent addition to the curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

College Champittet also reaps the benefits of being a part of the NAE family. Its students have access to the Global Campus, connecting them to students around the world and giving them the opportunity to take part in a variety of exceptional experiences whether in school, online or through international expeditions and trips.

A Holistic Approach

The educational vision at College Champittet is rooted in Christian values. It aims to ensure that each student can develop to the fullest in this spirit on a human and a spiritual level.

The school has a Catholic Chaplain who enables those students who wish to deepen their faith and receive the sacraments of Christian life in the context of the college. The various activities available related to this are the catechism, mass preparation for the sacraments and spiritual retreats.


College Champittet’s quality education is not only liked but also embraced and admired by students and their parents. One such testimony of Parents of Adriana and Marc is the perfect exemplification.

Now that our children are leaving the school, I would like to use this opportunity to express our warmest appreciation to Champittet and all the teachers.

Adriana and Marc spent more than 7 years under the umbrella of Champittet. I must say that these were years full of joy and happiness for them. Champittet had offered them a lot: wonderful facilities, dedicated staff, interesting extracurricular programs, good course selection, and entertaining school tours. They met wonderful friends and we hope that these friendships will continue.

We would like to thank the school and the teachers for all the knowledge they passed to our children, for the attention and the encouragement, and for the good care they gave them all these years. Thanks to them our children became more confident, they have grown up emotionally as well as academically.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding, and most of all, your ability to listen to them and value their thoughts and feelings.

We have always felt more than satisfied with the education our children received at Champittet, but more than that we will remain ever thankful to the teachers who helped our children become well-rounded young adults.”

Also the testimony of Philppe Rebord, Head of the Swiss Army as, “I especially learned to think independently at Champittet. This helped me during my studies in Lausanne and my training at the «Collège interarmées de défense» in Paris.”

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