National University College – Promoting Continuous Integral Development Using Diverse Innovative Learning Modalities

The institute aims to develop educated and enterprising individuals competent in their professional field, with an attitude to continue learning throughout their  life.

Situated in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, a significant metropolitan city on the island, the National University College (NUC) was founded in 1982. The institute was formerly known as the National College of Business and Technology, where it prioritized non-degree programs in business and technology. It has accreditations from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and is also licensed by the Junta de Instituciones Postsecundarias State Licensing Agency. With time the institute  transformed into a collegiate institute where individuals could pursue associate, bachelor and master’s degrees in various fields such as health, education, technology, criminal justice, business administration, arts and many others.

The NUC, in February 2018, was then merged with various other institutes – Instituto de Banca y Comercio, Ponce Paramedical College, La Salle Computer Learning Center, Digital Animation and Visual Effects School and Florida Technical College. This was a major milestone which elevated the university into being one of the largest private universities on the island of Puerto Rico. This has in turn allowed for plenty more academic choices for the students. The university also holds various programmatic accreditations such as the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation’s Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC) and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). More than 20,000 students gain admission per year at the university and an average of 10,000 students graduate.

Infrastructural Properties 

The NUC has campuses in six locations – Bayamon, Arecibo, Rio Grande, Mayaguez, Caguas and Ponce. The institute also provides 30 academic programs in both Spanish and English on the Online Division. Additionally, the merger with Instituto de Banca y Comercio, Florida Technical College (FTC), LaSalle Computer Learning Center and DAVE gave the benefit of twenty one educational centres.

An Epitome of Knowledge and Goodwill

Along with a reputation of being a renowned Puerto Rican educator, Gloria E. Baquero Lleras also holds the position of the President of National University College since 2011. She holds various educational qualifications to her credit such as B.A, M.A as well as an Ed.D in Administration and Educational Supervision from the University of Puerto Rico. Baquero’s four decades of experience has always been dedicated to the betterment of the education system on the island. Her prior work experience portrays her versatility in every role such as a teacher, principal as well as the assistant to the Secretary of Education. She was also the general manager at Lucy Lopez Roig y Asociados from the year 1997 to 2005. Post this, she was also appointed as the Secretary of Education of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Baquero’s efforts have resulted in the NUC expanding from 4 to 6 campuses along with establishing a merger with the four finest institutions. She also worked on ensuring a strong online division and went on to acquire the MSCHE accreditation for a duration of 8 years. Today all the hard work has paid off in the form of over 20,000 students, 10,000 graduates along with the recognition of the largest private university in Puerto Rico. Her work is not only limited to the university as she is also the Vice Chairman of the Hispanic Educational and Technological Services (HETS). Baquero is also a member of the Private School Association, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce as well as the Caguas Fine Arts Board of Directors.

Implementing Values in Students

 The NUC is a strong believer of its students being individuals with every value necessary to sustain in the world outside. The values that the institute follows/instills efficiently are

Social Commitment – The institute has an understanding that the social welfare of the community is taken care of. This is done by giving them the opportunity to participate in research and orientation while working on a solution to solve any problems within the community. These responsibilities are mainly handed over to the students.

Service – The institute helps to build a permanent attitude among students which teaches them to help others acquire any short or long term goals that they had.

Quality – NUC works towards ensuring that any services or facility provided by them, be it academic or administrative, are carried out in the best way possible.  This results in high levels of satisfaction for all the efforts.

Compliance – Every university has some particular obligation that they need to fulfil and it has to do so by keeping in mind the terms agreed upon. This helps every individual achieve the desired commitments and hence everyone acts accordingly.

Responsibility – This is one of the basic factors required to carry out any task in life while assessing their consequences on every level – personal, professional and community.

Innovation – This process is evergreen and a part of everyday life which makes the creation of new things possible. This gives the institute the leverage to face dynamics and proposals of a changing scenario.

Respect – NUC places a lot of importance on every student as well as faculty member to accept and understand each person’s way of acting and thinking. This intensifies the tolerance, kindness and compliance with rules that ensures a balance between every human being.

Aiming for Overall Growth

The institute also holds a set of goals that they implement in their everyday proceedings. Primarily, they focus on promoting and achieving cultural compliance within the campus. They work on the coordination with the Rectors of Precincts. These are placed to follow regulations of the federal agency and the state as well as maintain the standards of accrediting agencies. The President, Board of Trustees and Executive Committee are given advices with regard to the changes within the federal regulations. Additionally, they also ensure that they’re able to establish and maintain communication in a positive manner. The working relationships with regulatory agencies is also

  • Advise the President, Board of Trustees and Executive Committee regarding changes in federal regulations and / or the standards of accrediting agencies
  • Establish and maintain good communication and working relationship with external regulatory agencies
  • Lead and support the Precincts in all functions related to federal, state and accrediting agencies
  • Direct planning and preparations for visits by external regulatory agencies

Employment Prospects for the Students

NUC is a career driven university which ensures provision of college education on the basis of main labor needs in the society. Students can be assured of finding career opportunities in fields like nursing, dental assistant, education, business, physical therapy and even culinary arts. Students of the institute are required to earn unpaid work experience in Puerto Rico and the mainland. Post this, over 67% of the students can gain employment upon graduation. 

Abundance of Social Responsibility Programmes

  • The institute has established EduK Educational Foundation – a non-profit organization which constantly provides assistance to the students with socio-economic needs in the form of scholarships. It has overall helped hundreds of students acquire degrees via this scholarship program.
  • Students from low income families can also avail healthcare facilities relating to a wide range of health conditions. The Healthy Life Oasis (Oasis de Vida Saludable) ensures this is carried out and is a part of the NUC social responsibility.
  • The National Senior Boutique is an initiative that helps students of low and medium socio-economic backgrounds find prom attire according to their budgets. This program celebrated six year and now has its presence on every campus.

Additionally, the NUC campuses celebrated the National Oratory Competition where students took part and made their view about plenty of themes known to the general audience. This was started as an institutional social responsibility that the students can utilize for their benefit.

Becoming the Top Choice for Students

 The NUC is known for its one of a kind philosophy which states – “Creemos en ti” which means ‘we believe in you’. This is exactly what the university works towards and its goal is for the students to feel confident throughout their journey of enrolment. It makes sure that every day is full of learning experience where they can find guidance at every step while also receiving immense support. This is done to ensure that whatever goals they may have, are accomplished by the end of their course. The philosophy is not just an expression but is a commitment that every student adopts at NUC.

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