COVID-19: Welcome Change – For a Better Change

“Madam!” I turned by loud happy voice to face the sweets offered by a final year student who got selected in a big company. I congratulated him from the bottom of my heart. This used to happen every year. Final year students greet and get blessed with sharing the job news.

Many students graduated from different disciplines across the country get jobs in different companies. May-June is the time of the final examination. It ends with the result and then joining the company starts in July-August. Until then, students and parents work on different plans while waiting for the offer letter, joining letter. The parents feel happy and proud about their ward. Youth have enormous enthusiasm, a dash of talent, a lot of curiosity about the corporate field and the feel of the conquered world.

But … Circumstances have changed by 360.

The reason is the global upheaval that has taken place in the last 2 months. My whole life has changed from start to end. The context has changed.

To cope with this change, the young degree holders must be mentally, physically and financially prepared to enter the new corporate world. These youth and their parents come with a lot of questions about the future. They have worries, fears, anxiety and whatnot. What exactly to do? How to face this change?

I think it is necessary to shed light on this.

Now in this current situation, the graduates who have been selected and placed in the company and have received the offer letter may not be immediately allowed to join. In fact, they will have to wait for a few months. All the factories, IT companies have changed their calculations. Industries are closed till date. So, they will not issue an appointment letter and if they do, the number of trainee engineers will be considerably less. Initially, they will try to reduce costs. The industry must survive first.

Suppose even if the joining letter is received, are graduates ready for working and living in such a situation in the metro city? And are parents ready to send their son/daughter? That is the question.

The crux is fresh graduates won’t get new jobs at the moment. Coming two years there is a total change expected in all areas. This is an expert’s opinion. Changes are inevitable in living standards, expenditure, jobs, industry and technology, various occupations, tourism, hotel, education, agriculture, automobile industry, health, infrastructure and many more. Again there may be lots of opportunities for Indians but it will take time.

In this scenario, youth should try to develop their skills by analysing themselves. There are many courses available online. Any relevant course certification can make value addition to your own profile. This may help in future for sure.

One has to check the possibility to raise a business in their own village or at the native place with available resources. Now, the flow to metropolitan areas has a fair chance to go down.

Calculate all kinds of costs and cut them wherever it is possible.

Contemplate, how to grow? Everything is going digital. We need to know the exact needs and steps of the hour. Welcome and be ready for the expected and unexpected changes that will take place in the next five years. All these should be studied in-depth, with the help of parents, mentors and teachers.

One should always try to keep positive. Change is about to happen. It is not avoidable.

Nature is great and has taught us a lesson. The rule applies to everyone same here.

When you were a kid, you used to play a puzzle by matching pieces to create a picture.

This is a puzzle created by nature. Everyone will be forced to understand and accept. Where and how to put and place themselves in this nature’s puzzle? Being said so, that the decision can be taken and one can make it right in the course of time by working hard and smart.

– Sanjivani Apte

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