CoWIN certificates must be connected to passports for international travel
CoWIN certificates

People who travel internationally for educational or job purposes, or who are part of India’s delegation to the Tokyo Olympics, must have their CoWIN certificates connected to their passports. The Centre said in a statement on Monday that the decision was made after the Health Ministry received multiple requests to enable the administration of a second dosage of Covishield to persons whose scheduled travel date falls before the statutory minimum interval of 84 days after the first injection.

Directive by the Centre:

The following process for administering the second dose of Covishield vaccine to such beneficiaries would be followed in order to provide full immunization coverage and to facilitate overseas travel for such valid reasons.

This special dispensation will be available to:

  1. Students who are required to travel abroad for educational purposes.
  2. Those who are required to work in foreign countries.
  3. Indian athletes, sportspeople, and support personnel will compete in the International Olympic Games in Tokyo.

States and UTs will appoint a representative in each district to provide such permits. The authorities will provide authorization based on the number of days since the first dosage and the validity of the trip objective.

The government also urged such persons to get their immunizations by using a passport, which is one of the acceptable forms of identification. If a passport was not used for the first dosage, the certificate will show the details of the picture ID card used for vaccination.

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