Creta Class Expands Math Programmes for Younger Children in India to Boost 3–8 Year Olds’ Math Learning Effectiveness
Creta Class

Creta Class, an education company based in Singapore, has announced the addition of mathematical courses for children aged 3 to 4 years old in India. The company’s AI learning application, which was previously available for children aged 4 to 7, has been well-received by parents and children in India. Building on this success, Creta Class has now released comprehensive math courses for the younger age group.

Creta Class is designed for children aged 3-8 and combines mathematical learning content with AI technology to help children improve their math skills in an interactive and enjoyable way. The program has users in over 500 cities worldwide and has received multiple awards for its innovative product, including Best Educational App for Kids from Indian Education and Edtech Award, kidSAFE, Mom’s Choice, and Academics’ Choice.

The newly launched S1 math course uses puzzles, activities, and games to teach concepts such as numbers, shapes, and comparison of sizes, lengths, and heights. The course encourages children to apply observational and critical thinking skills to real-life scenarios.

Creta Class offers a systematic and progressive math learning program tailored to children’s ages. It includes 16 thinking methods within 6 different learning modules, utilizing engaging animated stories and interactive exercises. The application aims to develop good learning habits from a young age and enhance children’s math skills in areas such as numbers, geometry, logic, patterns, problem-solving, measurement, and memory.

Parents have praised the effectiveness of the Creta Class program, with one parent from Bangalore noting how quickly their 3-year-old understood concepts like shapes and comparison. The interactive AI courses are designed by experts in education, psychology, and child cognition, incorporating artificial intelligence technology that has won world championships. The program inspires children’s interest in math learning and provides fun and engaging home learning experiences.

Each Creta Class lesson lasts 15 minutes and is held five days a week, allowing for short but frequent learning sessions. After each lesson, parents receive a detailed learning report, and the program includes periodic reviews based on the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve to reinforce learning and build mathematical confidence in children.

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