Cultural Innovations in Indian Architecture
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India is a land of myriad architectural landmarks. The country houses some of the most historic structures in the world including the likes of Taj Mahal, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, and Golden Temple. It has to its credit some of the oldest planned cities in the world. Each structure portrays the country’s cultural richness. Over time, we have adopted architectural styles of different countries around the world and are combining them with our artistic finesse.

The advent of technological innovations has opened doors for numerous possibilities from an architectural viewpoint. We have already witnessed how technology is playing a major role in upgrading modern architecture to the next level. Leading architects and top architecture firms are collaborating to create revolutionary establishments. They are bringing cutting-edge technology into play with the objective of providing the audience a lasting experience.

The passage of time has brought along with it many advanced architectural styles from around the world. In addition, there has been growing interest among private and public bodies to invest in development of architecture and landmarks. Our country is a cultural hot-pot which provides the scope of healthy interactions between individuals of different castes, creeds, religions, and languages. Each individual brings along their own ideas and opinion, which contributes to a vast ocean of knowledge.

This cultural hybridization can be seen in Indian architecture, which is greatly influenced by Persian, Turkish, and Portuguese architectural styles. It is rich and vibrant; an amalgam of various cultural components which speaks for its diverse characteristic. Indian temples, mosques, and churches speak for the people’s devotion towards religion, their belief and cultural richness. Architecture as a form of art has definitely evolved in India, but still holds tight to its roots. The magnificent monuments of the country are vivid examples of the same.

–  Ananda Kamal Das

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