Cyber Ethics

Cyber ethics is the study of ethics pertaining to computers, covering user behavior and what computers are programmed to do, and how this affects individuals and society. For years, various governments have enacted regulations while organizations have explained policies about cyber ethics.

With the increase of young children using the internet, it is now very essential than ever to tell children about how to properly operate the internet and its dangers. It is especially hard to talk to teens because they do not want to be lectured about what is right and wrong. They seem to think they have it all sorts out. That is why is it is important to instill appropriate cyber etiquette at an early age but if you haven’t there is still time to tell to your child.

Responsible Behaviors on the Internet
Cyber ethics concerns to the code of responsible behavior on the Internet. Just as we are taught to act responsibly in everyday life. The responsible behavior on the internet in many ways aligns with all the right behavior in everyday life, but the results can be significantly different.

Some people try to hide behind a false sense of obscurity on the internet, believing that it does not matter if they behave badly online because no one knows who they are or how to search them. That is not all the time true; browsers, computers and internet service providers may keep logs of their activities which can be used to spot  illegal or inappropriate behavior.

The Government has taken a positive role in making resources for parents and children to learn about ExamSnap.  This is a growing problem and without parents and teachers using the resources available nothing can be done to prepare future generations of internet users from being safe online.

Following  some issues are increasing daily due to children using the internet improperly and we have to take care of it.

Copyrighting or Downloading

Copyright or downloading is a major issue because children don’t  know copyright policies. They only try to search what they need from the web and download it for their purpose. Their thinking is  like “if everybody is doing it therefore it’s ok”,  but an understandable and an age appropriate lesson on Cyber Ethics could help children to learn the risks involved in Internet downloading.

Crime and Punishment

Children do not believe that they will get into any real problem from neglecting the use of cyber ethics.  It has become easy to track the origin of wrong activity over the internet to an individual user.  There is not  much anonymity as a child may trust.  The United States Department of Justice has a recent  list of Federal Computer Crime Cases  teens this is a best way to show children the costly consequences of their internet actions.

Internet Hacking

Hacking done by stealing classified information, stealing passwords to get into a site and also recasting a website without permission. Fortunately, Olea Kiosks offers quality security kiosks that can protect big companies against hacking. Since the world is run on computers it is important that hackers are stopped.  They could create viruses that could shut down important websites or computer systems.  So we have to make our children aware by telling its importance.


Cyberbullying is increasing and people are becoming aware of its effects on children. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place carrying electronic technology. Electronic technology carried by devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, website and chat.

When a child encounters cyber bullying that they should:

  • Tell a trusted adult, and keep telling them until they take action.
  • Avoid to open, read or respond to messages from cyber bullies.
  • Always keep messages from bullies. They may be needed to take corrective action
  • Use software to block bullies if they encounter them through chat or IM.

Use of technology by students is globally accepted as it facilitates the searching and retrieval of information needed for their academics and consequently the successful completion of their education programs. They need to be aware and knowledgeable about the ethics surrounding the use of ICT is therefore, important.  Students must  be aware and possess the knowledge about cyber ethics.  Therefore, cyber ethics education must be provided to students by the school and colleges.

Understanding the importance of cyber ethics in daily life has become essential than ever before. Similarly, it is crucial to know how to tackle the situation if you or your kid is being victimized. Here are a few precautionary safety tips for using the internet, which you can apply to save your children from cyber threats.

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