On This International Students Day Some Countries are Offering Free College Education

Overseas education can be free. So, on this “International Students Day” many students have started exploring universities that are offering free college education without scholarships.

Germany: This country has the reputation of providing college education with zero or low-cost tuition fees. There are many Public Universities like- Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg, Free University of Berlin Frankfurt University, Humboldt University, International University of Bremen-offer excellent degree programs, but the catch here is that the medium of instruction for many of these free degree programs is German.

France: Though France is an expensive country, but can be very reasonable place for higher education, especially if students plan to study in semi-urban cities like Grenoble. Grandes Ecoles graduate schools like “The Ecole Polytechnique” (for science and engineering) and the “Ecole Normale Superieure”(for humanities), are the French Universities where acceptance is usually accompanied by a full tution scholarship and cost of living-stipend.

Finland: It is another Nordic country where the facility for State Funds is available for higher education. This is also applicable for international degree students. However, for non-EU students some of the master’s degree programs are chargeable. For international students there are some free universities such as: Abo Akademi University, University of Helsinki, University of Jyvaskyla, and University of Eastern Finland.

European Commission provides scholarships such as: “Erasmus Mundus Scholarships” to fund the students from all over the world to study in Europe at selected Institutions.

But to study in U.S there aren’t any tuition free colleges. But they have a number of financial assistance options for international students. Some of the popular universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale provide full time scholarships to a handful of meritorious international students each year.

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