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Cyber Guru
Rajarshi Rai Choudhury, Founder and Director, Cyber Guru

Like every other country, India too has seen a dramatic growth in access to information in the cyberspace. On one hand while the internet has empowered us with its usage, on the other it has also given rise to number of white collared crimes that pose new challenges to the government and the people every day.

The need of the hour is, thus, to make the cyber world safe for people and governments. This rising need in turn gave rise to the cyber security companies not just to protect the country but also people from number of online crimes, including financial crimes.

Nowadays, awareness and training to prevent such crimes are also available online. Cyber Guru is one of the first cyber security awareness solutions. It is a unique online institution for education and consultancy in Eastern and North Eastern India, which is the first of its kind in these regions.

Creating Awareness

It is a well-settled situation that 95% of cyber breach worldwide are due to human errors or user error, hence, in depth sensitization and training every internet user has become more important at this hour than research and development towards the pathway of achieving more secured system. Hence, the objective of Cyber Guru is to make every internet user aware about the issues and aspects of cybercrimes, cyberlaws and security measures.

Achieving Competitive Edge

Every citizen, who is an internet user, in other words “netizens” are the prospective trainees and keeping in mind the multifarious socioeconomic structure, Cyber Guru has designed the course fees to a very lower side, so that everybody can reach them and make their life, data and finance secured from the cyberfraudsters.

Training Programs

Presently, under three categories of course structure, the cyber training institute is covering almost each netizen for undergoing such unique state-of-the-art course. The course for students designed a such of lucid language, that can be understood by students starting from standard VIII up to college and university level.

Additional student discount is available, which is more fully elucidated on the website. The second course covers every common man who uses internet in their smartphones. The institute has addressed each situation where their cyber safety can be compromised and the way out in every such situation. Even the procedures and formalities to be observed, when someone is affected by such crimes, are enumerated in these courses. Cyber ethics is one of the most important topics covered both for the students and common people.

The third course is the institute’s flagship program, which covers both the technical and legal issues of cybersecurity and is specially designed for anyone who is bit more conversant about the world of internet.

All these three courses can be studied online and sitting back at the comfort of your home or workplace with a self-chosen flexi timing mode, hence, anyone can go through the course matters with their other daily activities like job, business, profession, and study. The entire procedure starting from registration till certification can be done online without any hassles whatsoever.

Apart from this, Cyber Guru offers one-day (three hours) online workshop on Cyber Psychology and Cyber Safety, which has turned very effective for learners of any age and profession to know basic and comprehensive vulnerability points and safety measures.

Corporate trainings on Cyber Security Management Behaviour are also breakthrough modules for the industry. In depth analysis and profiling of the cybercrime and criminology enable the trainees to handle such situations well before its occurrence.

Innovative Methodologies

The distant learning methodology is applied for all these courses and the user-friendly secured website has ensured the technological dash of spices towards such learning process.

Keeping Students Updated

As the trainees undergo the courses online, every update can be accessed real time and the course materials are updated regularly keeping in view the daily developments in the field of cyber safety.

Expert Trainer

Rajarshi Rai Choudhury, Advocate, High Court at Kolkata, proprietor of Rai Choudhury & Associates, a full- facility law firm, and also Founder and Director of Cyber Guru, Eastern India’s first online cyber law training and consultancy portal, affiliated by Computer Society of India, Kolkata Chapter and MAKAUT.

His other experiences are:

  1. Cyber Legal Consultant for SAIL (Steel Authority of India)
  2. Approved advocate with Punjab National Bank
  3. Approved advocate with HDFC Bank Ltd
  4. Guest lecturer of Cyber Laws and Intellectual Property Laws for post-graduate level at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
  5. Guest faculty for Cyber Laws at North Eastern Police Academy, Meghalaya, and Kolkata Police Training School
  6. Guest faculty of Cyber Laws and Business Laws at Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata
  7. Guest lecturer for Cyber Laws and IPR with Techno Group of Colleges and Techno University

Resolving Issues

Any sort of queries, questions and doubts by the trainees are sorted and solved with topmost priority and doubt clearance sessions are provided on one-to-one basis, and remote accessibility procedures are allowed for conducting such sessions.

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