Dailies Launches New Learning Platform to Enhance the Educational Experiences of Children Through Parental Involvement
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Unlike any other platform, Dailies provides parents with the necessary tools to easily monitor academic progress and discover where additional support is needed.

July 6th, 2020, Los Angeles, CA Dailies is excited to announce the launch of its educational platform, supporting two different versions. Dailies Learning upgrades children’s educational experiences with the power of gamification, while the second version, Dailies Admin, creates a way for parents to become fully engaged in the progress of their child’s education, fostering a greater level of involvement and student success.

Dailies Learning offers 10-minute micro-lessons that adapt to the existing educational level of the child so parents can easily monitor academic progress and determine where additional support is needed, using the Common Core State Standards. Dailies uses in-app quests, achievements, missions, and unlockables in combination with personalized, parent supported real-world rewards and incentives to keep children engaged and motivated to do their best and continue learning.

Dailies Admin aims to bridge the gap between all members in the child’s life by providing data and actionable insights that they can use to understand and support their child’s educational future. Dailies Founder, Manuel Zamora, recalls, “One of my happiest memories is learning to multiply 7×3. A breakthrough that would not have been possible without my very patient and loving mother. That’s why Dailies exist. So our users can experience that magic moment. Every Daily is an opportunity for an educational breakthrough, a deeper connection, and a lifelong memory.”

Dailies Head of Curriculum, Jessica Shelley further explains, We believe that Dailies serves to equip parents with the information that they need to learn, support, and advocate for their child. Dailies aims to support parents in understanding what and how their children are learning. It doesn’t just suggest parent involvement, it truly is built upon the ideas of fostering a sense of community and support around the child and their individual learning journey.”

In the field of education, middle school has long been acknowledged as the time when children begin to develop their independent opinions about the importance of education. With a lack of academic support during middle school, students are at higher risks for developing negative opinions which contribute to disengagement and academic decline or stagnation. This issue has been heightened by the stay-at-home measures taken to confront COVID-19, with students facing a loss of progress of 30 percent of literacy and 50 percent of math. Dailies recognizes this critical time and is focusing efforts on developing the full middle school curriculum for grades 6 to 8. To provide parents with the timely tools they need to support their children in a current world of educational uncertainty.

Dailies’ new platform currently focuses on vocabulary lessons for children, from 4th grade through high school, with additional courses in middle school writing, math, and reading coming soon. Dailies Admin is available to download for free on the iOS App Store now. Learners can download the companion application, Dailies Learner (but they’ll require an invite from their parents).

About the company

Dailies is a learning platform focused on bridging the gap between parent and student. We do this by engaging the student with short, gamified micro-lessons while providing the parent with useful data and actionable insights to help their children succeed. Created by educators who want to make a difference, Dailies is designed to help support parents in being a champion of their child’s learning by using grade-specific Common Core State Standards as the foundation for student learning. Dailies is on a mission to create equitable education for all and turns to technology to drive optimal equitable results.

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