Debating Provides a Major Boost to Personality and Academic Development
Debating | Major Boost to Personality
Debating | Major Boost to Personality

So you want to know what the advantages of debating are. To describe in simple words, debating enhances a student’s research, reasoning, and public speaking skills. For better outcomes, they have to plan their argument and choose words wisely. It also helps them to prepare for challenging situations. Debating is not similar to entering into a full-fledged altercation. In fact, speakers have to develop a concise and effective argument, which supports the cause. One should articulate a logical opinion, rather than blindly attacking their opponent. Debating is an essential component not only for individual development, but also for solving various issues of the society. Many successful debaters have helped build the society and shape the world. While debating, a student can follow the below mentioned methods for better outcomes.

Critical Thinking is Important

One might not debate on a daily basis, but sometimes they may get involved in small disagreements and differences of opinion. In such cases, arguments should be avoided. Individuals should rather debate and solve the issue without escalating it. They should choose words wisely rather than arguing and raising the voice.

Conducting debate sessions can help in developing essential critical thinking skills. It enhances our ability to present reasoned and well prepared arguments, and enables us to question the opponent’s stance or conclusion. Critical thinking builds curiosity of new ideas, retains a level of skepticism, and develops a healthy attitude of questioning.

Enhancing Thought Articulation

Many students face difficulty in getting out their words quickly enough. Debating can help them to act promptly and speak on a whole variety of topics. From explaining complex mathematical solutions to summarizing one’s favorite book, students can identify their audience, and choose an appropriate tone to deliver. They should make sure they are not too formal, as it will alienate them from the listeners, while being too relaxed might also undermine their own arguments. A successful debating session requires proper planning and an apt delivery.

Communication is a Key Component

The success of any orator depends on their argument, even if they do not agree with it on principle. It is also incredibly important how one delivers their winning speech. They need to keep calm and maintain eye contact with their opponent. Most importantly, orators should make sure that their arguments are coherent and make sense.

For achieving success, a debater should always keep in mind the above mentioned procedures. In addition, they should acquire knowledge through education (reading and gathering information from various sources, writing a proper speech, speaking confidently, and honing listening skills). Regular practice can be helpful for them to engage in debating sessions both inside and outside the classroom.

Thinking Outside the Box

Orators should embrace innovation and challenge their opponents with the objective of identifying any loopholes in their counter-argument. They should be prompt at responding to questions and comments, while hesitating can cost precious time and points. The ability to think on the feet can help students not only excel in a debating session, but will also help them stand tall against any situation life throws at them, especially when time is of essence, and they have to take a prompt decision.

Resolving Conflicts Positively

A good debater will focus on the topic at hand and will not stray away. Students should arrange all their thoughts and opinions and present a personable argument. This will boost their confidence to proceed further with their discussion, and will develop a sense of understanding and respect among their opponent.

They should also learn to accept failure and lose graciously. It is an important quality, which will help them to excel both in debating and in everyday life. It will also assist them to resolve conflicts even before they have a chance to begin. Accepting criticism is essential as it will nurture individuals and transform them into proficient speakers and further into better human beings.

Empathizing with Speakers

Maintaining a degree of empathy while debating can work wonders for speakers. One might not agree with the topic that they have been assigned, but empathy will help them in understanding and accepting the beliefs of others. Students do not necessarily have to agree with the other party’s argument, but they should respect others’ opinions, as it will help them to improve themselves, and develop personal and professional relationships.

Controlling Emotions

Excellent debaters are characterized by the elements of poise and composure. They are not carried away emotionally. They address the issue with utmost respect and develop a sense of mutual understanding for other participants. Managing emotions will not only help students to stand in good stead while debating, but will also help them in gaining respect in every walk of life.

Boost Confidence

For an orator, presentation plays a crucial role. It gives students an idea about how others perceive them as an individual, and more importantly, as a competitor. They should slowly speak out, voicing their opinions with clarity. It will help the audience to understand the context. Proper presentation skills will create a positive impact on the audience and will nurture respect among the opponents. This will also help students in the future, as they will feel confident during company presentations and interviews.

* Ananda Kamal Das

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