Eliminating Exam Stress; the dos and don’ts
Eliminating Exam Stress
Eliminating Exam Stress

Not long from now, schools and colleges will put up the ‘Quiet, exams under process’ signboard. As much as schools and colleges give you some memorable moments to be cherished for a lifetime, exams are a vital part of a student’s academic life. It is that time of the year when students feel a tight knot in their stomach. Starting from nerds, backbenchers to the ‘know-it-all’, everyone experiences a whirlwind of unpredictable emotions. However, this shouldn’t be a matter of worry as these pit feelings in the stomach are normal. Nevertheless, one should not stay stressed during exams. Below given tips will help students overcome stress and appear for exams confidently.

Prioritize Time

“Time isn’t the main thing, it is the only thing”.

Time is the biggest constraint that a student faces. It is also true that one cannot spend his or her entire time studying and also, giving a break to your brain once in a while will actually be helpful. However, what one should be careful about is how they are going to spend this leisure time. Prioritize time! If you have very less time and have exams subsequently, draw a rough timetable. Write down the dates of each exam and the topics that need to be covered. Now, roughly figure out the time that you need to cover each topic. This simple step will help you analyze the topics that you need to put your effort in and study accordingly.

Reduce Using Phone

Ever faced the situation where you look at the clock and realize that you have spent hours browsing your Facebook timeline, checking tweets, posts on Instagram or any other social media. When your elders tell you to put away the phone and study because you will later find all the time in the world to do the same, believe them.

“Lost time is never found again”

It is no longer hidden that any information put up on the internet is staying there. So, don’t worry about missing out any news about the cricket or football match, your favourite celebrity, or any Page 3 controversies. However, the funny part is the influence we have from the peer. It is no secret that your friends are no better and are most probably rowing the same boat (either studying or not studying). This would in return increase the stress. Hence, the ideal way to avoid such a situation is to put away your phone. But, you can use it wisely; like in situations when you have a doubt or have an update regarding exams.

Take Breaks that Exclude Using Phone

The possibilities of hibernating while studying in comfort of the bed are high. Hence, make it a point to sit at your desk and study in order to avoid falling asleep. As mentioned above, taking a break in between the studies will help you increase your concentration. Now, when you decide to take a break, make sure that you leave your room take a stroll out in your yard or garden. Many researchers have stated that “being outside lowers the stress, even if it is for

just few minutes”. Hence, if in need of a break, find the nearest green space around you and take a stroll or two.

Listening to music of any kind is also very advisable. Music has the power to calm your mind and will give brain some rest. As music has the ability to produce a positive environment, it elevates the mood and refreshes it. Playing with your pet is another refreshing act that you can do during your break time. Studies have stated that playing with pets are a very good way to deal with anxiety and stress, and along with exams comes both.

Exercise, eat and sleep well

Now, studying for long and hard can be exhausting. So, how does one lower his or her stress level and keep calm during the exam season. Clearly after reading the title, exercising during exams will be the last thought in your mind. We are sorry to burst the bubble, but, exercising can really help you feel better and works as energy booster.

As much as exercise acts as a stress buster, eating healthy food is equally important to stay healthy during the stressful days. Along with increasing mental health, eating the right food will keep you energetic.

Though there is no particular rules set for foods. Reduced intake of sugar can help in balancing the stress level. Studies have shown that “the human body releases cortisol, when under stress”. Though the cholesterol helps is managing stress, the more sugar you eat, the more stressed you will be. Hence, it is advisable to avoid consuming sugar. High-protein food, fruits, and even eating lots of fish can be very useful.

The above-mentioned points are just few suggestions that can come very handy to break free from any distractions and focus on just studying. However, no matter what, your hard work will always reflect on the results.

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